Tuesday, March 08, 2016

It's What Comes Out That Really Matters

We're having gorgeous weather here in the Virgina Piedmont, blue skies, sunshine and warmer temperatures. Since we're supposed to have warmer weather for the next week I did my usual early spring chore, I set up our outdoor living room (deck).

During the winter I have extra bird feeders/squirrel feeders/critter feeders (think possums) set up on the deck. The rug and cantilevered umbrella that covers the entire deck along with the furniture cushions get stowed away in the garage and my pretty faux-wicker deck furniture gets piled in the corner under a tied down tarp to protect it from the weather. The creatures get the run of the deck.

With the critters comes what critters do best, there's just no polite way to put this, what critters do best is poop. Critter excrement on every surface you could imagine, deck railings, furniture, deck floor and even on my gardening bench.

You can tell quite a lot from excrement, from the health of the beast (even human beasts) all the way to exactly what type of animal is lurking about. Scat is informative, is this from a dejector type of bird or from a bird of prey or a simple sparrow? There was a great scene in my favorite 'Homicide: Life on the Street' that had Det. John Munch and Det. Stanley Bolander looking at bird crap splatter on their squad car and discussing what type of bird it was. It happened at the very beginning of season 3 episode 'Crosetti'

Sort of like people huh? You can put all the best into them, the holiest stuff, but what comes out reveals what's really inside. It pays to pay attention to the output from others. Is it crap they are spewing or gems of wisdom?

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