Wednesday, March 02, 2016


Learned yesterday from a buddy pal doctor friend of mine that my local hospital has had more cases of MRSA in the last six months than just me. Also, the hospital is one of the ones being censured for very high infection rates. Another friend that works at the hospital confirmed at least one of the other cases.

Here's the crazy thing, the cases are all over the hospital map. Usually when there's an infection disease outbreak in a hospital it's in one of the departments, like in the OR, or the ER dept. Not this one. Three weeks before I went all septic and sick I was in the outpatient center having my every year or so pulmonary function test. My understanding is that the other patients that ended up with it came from the surgical wing, the ER and even the baby nursery. Which makes me wonder if the source of the infection is something like perhaps an infected piece of equipment being used from place to place within the hospital.

While the doctors treating me have been telling me I could have picked it up anywhere I still think I picked this up while getting the PFT at the hospital. Very likely.

The sad thing is that my right thumb and index finger do not bend very well and I'm being told that it's unlikely I'm going to regain full use of either them or my hand. Which really pisses me off since it does impact what I do at NLQ, it makes fine detailed work like painting or using a pen/pencil just about impossible.

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