Thursday, April 28, 2016

Jesus Gets a Haircut

Days like today make me so damn thankful I left my old cult church. Yes folks, I've been lurking on Facebook on former church goers pages. I wanted to see what the status of my former friend Cathy is. The latest status her daughter posted said they were trying to find new 'wholistic' treatment options because the places they kept lining up for herbs and prayer keep falling through. In other words - end stage cancer with no treatment. Heads in the damn sand. I just hope all this Jesus-dilly-dallying won't make her time left even more painful and scary.

Jim thinks I'm turning mean since I've turned my back on most everyone I knew at the old church. He might be right, but mostly I see it as having healthy boundaries and self-care now. Example - we went to the grocery store this lunchtime for salads. Jim started goofing around with a Cinco de Mayo display of Corona beers. There was a large cut out of a pretty girl in a skimpy bullfighters costume with a place cut out to shove your face through. He stuck his decidedly masculine face through and begged me to take a photo so he could put it on Facebook as a joke. I did and just about the time I did one of the former members of our old church whipped around the corner with her shopping cart, eye balled both of us and walked past without a word.

He couldn't understand why I did not say hello to her. I had to point out that she was no more eager to see us than I was to see her. If the hello was so important she would have said it first and that I was in no mood for what conversations with these folks always degenerates into - a 'Come to Jesus' conversation.

I'd already had enough of a 'Come to Jesus' meeting the day before when I went to get my hair trimmed. My hair is in a sad state, both before and after the trim. I'm having to wash my hair and sterilize it with the Hibiclens since one of the infections was in my hairline. It's drying out my hair as much as my skin. Five months with no trim equals too many split ends and crazy looking hair, but frankly I was afraid until recently that I've get there and infect someone else with mrsa, plus I've been feeling too lousy to go sit in the salon for a few hours.

This is the longest I've gone in years without professional grooming help.

My hair is in sad shape so I went. Didn't do anything new, had a trim and  deep condition. Usually when I go to the salon I get the whole enchilada, the works, right down to getting waxed and a facial if I'm feeling extra fancy.  I was afraid to get waxed or the brows threaded because I could just see getting a new infection anywhere they waxed or ripped.

Here's where it all went sideways. Shortly after sitting down in the stylist's chair she started talking about the Lord and trying to issue a 'Come to Jesus' on me. I don't know her, but she seemed sweet, if not a little demented. Seriously, who tries for a conversion while they're cutting your hair? I know I could have bitched to the manager, but I just smiled and talked to her.

One of the things she was the most upset about was that her coworkers were talking about smoking weed, celebrity bad plastic surgery and partying, yet they complained when she talked about Jesus. Yeah, well, none of those conversations were any more professional than trying to witness to strangers. But... this is a small Southern town filled with people who think professionalism is wearing a uniform and not spitting into the customers food. You have to take some of these behaviors with a grain of salt, realizing that they just don't know any better.

Please show me where it says in the Bible that you have to spread the word of God in such an inappropriate and obnoxious way? Things like this is why so many people are leaving the church and people are resisting most witnessing. We're just trying to go about our day without annoying religious folks making it even more difficult.

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