Monday, April 25, 2016

Shaken and Stirred

After another day running around and wiping every surface in the house humanly possible with an assortment of disinfecting wipes and bleaching the crud out of my towels, sheets and clothing I had to run off to see my pulmonologist for my quarterly visits for the asthma.

Which I happen to be frustrated with yet again. I'm just about out of treatment options again. We discussed my possible return to Xolair injections, but before that happens I'm being tried on a copd drug I tried nine years ago with no success. Just have to wait out the mrsa first, no immunio suppression when you've got an infection.

Did tell my doc that if the drug has an ---one or a ----oid at the end I'm not taking it. No more steroids. I don't tolerate them well and have so many side effects, the biggest one is that it causes my asthma to get worst. We'll see.

The funniest part is that when I went into the office and they know I have active mrsa is that everyone, and I mean everyone, in the office that dealt with me gloved up and I noticed a lot of wiping down with disinfectant wipes as I was leaving. Just call me Mrsa Sue, or Typhoid Mary.

Then I had to go home and call my Infectious Disease doctor because I'm feverish again, on second round of the antibiotic the culturing swears will kill the mrsa and I'm running a fever.. again.  Another visit with her, and likely a different antibiotic and another visit to the infusion center. This shit just never ends.

You know what else never ends? 'Good Christians' with their hands out asking for money. I was a sent a link to a Go Fund Me page for the former friend with cancer who is dying. Not for her exactly. It's a fundraiser to fly her three grandkids and son in law out to see her. Okay, so that's a reasonable request, and I nearly clicked to donate until I saw the amount they were aiming for. They're asking for a very large amount, much much more than the costs of flying out, renting a hotel suite and eating out. They're asking for so much, sums large enough to buy a new car or equivalent to a partial years salary for most folks! I was surprised by the amount, especially knowing that none is going to go towards my former friend's cancer treatments in Utah or to bury her. They claim the amount is for living expenses. I guess if you are aiming to live Donald Trump or Imelda Marcos it might be appropriate.

I've gotten hit up for donations many times this year and I've given to a fair number, like to the Alzheimer's Society after one friend passed from it, or so people can participate in various healing things. I've given to fund mammograms and food for shelter animals. We've given extensively to the local soup kitchen, food closet and homeless shelter among others. When Jim's friend Glenn died bankrupt leaving his elderly parents on a fixed income to cough up the money to bury him we gave to the fund someone set  up to pay for the funeral.

But... when you're asked to give ridiculous amounts when you know what it should cost you have to wonder if that family member is exploiting the tragedy to line their pockets.

One of my friends in Australia is dealing with avarice relatives right now after her sister was brutally murdered earlier in the year. One of her sisters and her mother, people her sister hadn't spoken to for many years except for at their father's funeral, have set up all sorts of Go Fund Me accounts begging for money to put aside for the deceased lady's children to go to college. Now that the funeral and memorials are all over it's come out that the mother and sister have zero intention of turning over any of the money they raised into a legitimate trust fund for the kids. They claim they are holding it for the kids until they turn eighteen. I seriously doubt they'll hang onto a penny of it. I'm sure they're spending it freely and will concoct some ridiculous reason why they cannot have it if the kids ask.

There should be a special place in hell for those family members that will use tragedy to exploit others for money.

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