Friday, April 22, 2016

Someone Has Organic Brain Syndrome

Today I finally tackled the alpine high mountain of shirts I've been putting off ironing. Seriously, this is months worth of ironing.  I don't know why I drug my feet. I kind of like ironing, it's mindless and it's sort of zen. Running the hot iron over cloth while my mind wanders and music plays or the telly blares.

While I was doing this I got the first in a seriously disturbing bunch of phone calls. They called from my infectious disease doctor's office to tell me that I was scheduled to meet on Monday with UVA's neurosurgeon to talk about the need for surgery.

I was sputtering and spitting, telling the nurse she'd called the wrong patient. I'm the one with the stupid mrsa infection crawling all over her skin, with the infected thumb, hand, finger, ear, eye and now cheek. The lady with the creeping crawling crudies who is seriously pissed off  with all this washing, sterilizing and laundry daily because it's cutting into her goofing off time. It's cramping my style. But the house is clean could even eat off the kitchen floor and washing machine it's so clean now.

No, no, she insisted, the doctor discussed the need for a brain surgeon with you yesterday at your appointment.

Not me, I insisted again. I might be an oddball with a series of crazy infections, hell I might even be crazy, but no one said a damn thing about getting my skull cut into. Not happening.

After a lot of back and forth I finally got the nurse to get off the phone and check with the doctor. An hour later I got a call back from the nurse. The doctor had put the note in the wrong chart. Whoops.

This kind of blows my mind because in the last two serious real jobs I did outside of the house my positions involved electronic medical records, from auditing medical treatment reports to comply with Medicaid standards to converting a number of medical offices from paper to digital content and records. There were those checking behind the physicians to make sure things went into the right charts.

Yeah, so we're all human and make mistakes but this one really rattled me today.

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