Monday, April 11, 2016


So I am back from the doctor and it was a gross old time. She used a scalpel-type thing to nick my face and she squoze it like you'd squish a lemon to get every single drop of juice. Pus and blood shot everywhere. Copious amounts, well more than enough to do a culture to see exactly what strain of bacteria that's been making me miserable since November of last year. Success.

The lump in my face was nearly the size of a walnut, now I look semi-normal again save for the 'flesh colored' bandaid festooning my visage.

How and why did the bandage makers decide that particular shade of beige was flesh-toned? They always look like a deathly pallor against my olive toned skin, like I'm wearing bits of New England white Anglo Saxon skin in some weird masquerade. 

In three days we will know and likely there will be another meds change. At least with the thing drained the pain will have lessened enough to let me finally sleep.

I also have to bath nightly with this solution I got at the drugstore to kill the bacterial load on my skin to hold down the possibility of more infection. The funny thing about that is that I've started bathing much less in the last year after my dermatologist told me many people in America shower too frequently to the detriment of their skin. I've been doing every other day showering/bathing on days when I wasn't doing anything strenuous enough to break a sweat. Apparently with all the infections I'm supposed to be bathing or showering daily. 

Had to pick up another special solution for my face, to wash with and to moisturize. Because of the allergies I've been washing my face for quite some time with plain old warm water, nothing else and using a tiny dollop of coconut oil for moisture. That's after many years of using many expensive products from the department store makeup counters. Truthfully my skin looked no better and no worse with the warm water routine. It looks like it always does, which is kind of upsetting thinking of all the money I've spent through the years on product when I could have just been using water and coconut all these years and gotten the same result.

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