Monday, April 11, 2016

There's a Thin Line Between Having a Medical Opinion and Just Being an Asshole

I'm sick again with MRSA, all in the left side of my face from jaw to eye socket is swollen up like some strange plastic surgery filler injection gone oh so horribly wrong. In a few short minutes I'll be driving to my infectious disease doctor where she'll insert a needle and try to siphon off some pus for culturing. I am getting sick with MRSA popping up somewhere new on my body every 2 1/2 to 3 weeks since this started.

It's pretty much a downer, I still don't have full use of my right hand where this infection started and because of the semi-functional right hand I owe a ton of people connected to NLQ emails that I haven't answered. I do the minimum daily and get offline.

One thing I'm dealing with that I've not had to deal with in awhile, which I had to deal with big time when my asthma went crazy toxic insane back in 2007 is everyone's opinion on how best to handle this series of infections.

Bruce Gerencser and Samantha Field both recently wrote on the topic of being sick and everyone, their brother and their dog having a sure fire solution or cure.

Please, just fucking knock it off right now, those of you that are prone to give out medical advice to those dealing with unusual or long term illnesses. You're just pissing us, the sick, off. Sometimes the advice is actually harmful.

One of the few people whose medical advice I would even consider is my friend Cindy Kunsman's. She's a nurse, she's seen things, weird things, terrible things. Most of her advice has been good.

What has not been good is the pile of crap I'm hearing as advice from others over this infection that keeps popping up. Here are a few examples.

  • Put urine on it.
  • Start drinking colloidal silver
  • Start taking probiotics (ugh, dumbass I already am for the many bouts of drugs are screwing with my stomach)
  • Get some sun on the infected part
  • Rub it with kerosene
  • (and my personal crazy favorite) Cut it open, expose it to flies and let them lay eggs in it so that the maggots can eat the infection.
  • And a long laundry list of herbs/supplements/prayer
Can you tell this list is mostly from religious folks that really don't like regular modern medicine? It's not that I think supplements are wrong, no not at all, but I prefer to use both modern medicines AND those supplements that I know help me (probiotics, garlic, etc...) Why all the doctor-slamming/medication fearing?

Yesterday brought me the frustrating news that goes with that type of thinking about my former friend dying of cancer. She was on her way to another state to have some sort of natural cancer treatment from a Christian healer who only uses herbs and prayer.

I'm sick about it all over again, but guess what I'd never tell her that she cannot do that, or suggest that she must do chemotherapy. The reality is that this is her choice. I think it's a very stupid choice because she's end stages with only days to live. To me it looks like a Christian snake oil salesman is going to fleece her out of precious money they don't have, give her false hope and not allow her to complete whatever unfinished business still on the table before she passes.

But again, it's her choice and even if we were still close I'd never insist she do something else.

Neither should you tell someone dealing with a difficult illness or a life long condition to rub pee on their wound or diet or just do this, pray that prayer.

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