Thursday, April 21, 2016

Triggered Part Five Zillion

I was going to write today about Jim and his dieting woes. He wanted to do a cleanse he keeps watching the documentary for, but yesterday ran up against the hard truth of how the juicing tastes. It wasn't pleasant.

This is what he wanted to do.... till he tasted the amount of pointing out how the juice recipes weren't necessarily healthy or practical dissuaded him. It took the cold hard reality of the first sip.

Another thing I wanted to talk about was my endless mrsa drama, involving more doctor visits, more treatments at the infusion center and more squeezing of infected parts followed by constant washing and sterilizing. Let's just boil it down to the fact that the antibiotics aren't working like they should. But that ain't happening.

What did happen that I have to spill out here to get rid of or keep gagging like I did when I was dry heaving into the bushes recently is being triggered by hyper-religious hypocrites, fools and other self righteous folks.

Not long ago I went to pick up new prescriptions at my local grocery store pharmacy, following today's entanglement with the medical community. Should be simple enough, right? Zip in, grab the drugs after paying for them, get a half gallon of milk and drag my butt home. Oh no, it didn't quite work that way.

The first part was positive actually. I ran into someone I would classify a fool from my old church, someone that I know has embezzled money and also failed to repay a personal loan from members at my old church. Someone that tried to pull an insurance and workers comp scam, yet after all these wrongdoings loves to rush around like they are perfect.

Since leaving the old church nine years ago whenever I would run into them they would a) lie and say how WONDERFUL they were doing even as I knew the truth and then they would turn around and b) proceed to issue a 'Come to Jesus' while accusing me of being one of Satan's capering minions.

Last time they tried this with me I was beyond snippy, snotty and rude. Today when they kept looking over at me, like they may try the same old thing I shot them a look that shot it all down. They kept to themselves, which is all I ever wanted in the first place. I think they finally realized they were in danger of getting a verbal frailing if they started that same old with me. Score!

I don't wish them ill, I just want them to leave me alone, stay very far far away from me.

What happened immediately next sent my triggers off big time. I witnessed the very holier than thou pious behavior of legalistic fundamentalist mom super x! More than the 'I am so righteous' behavior and long loud conversation sprinkled with 'Jesus' 'sinners' and 'blessings' with the guy I did not want to talk to from the old church, it was the way the family was dressed. It just triggered so many bad memories of my time at the old church in the early days. Triggered me all the way back to my childhood.

The little girls had on 'Little House on the Prairie' dresses in matching calicos with voluminous aprons and the thing that struck dread in my heart during my childhood, bloomers. The girls had dresses that fell halfway between their knees and their ankles with ruffled lacy blooms to their shoes. Ugh! Some of my worst childhood memories involve the year my mother decided instead of me wearing shorts in the same plaid as my Catholic school jumpers that I was going to wear ruffled bloomers that were exactly as long as my skirt. I was about eight when this happened, about the ages of those girls and I spent the rest of that year being teased unmercifully by my schoolmates. Even now, forty plus years later, I feel like throwing up thinking about that crazy long underwear I had to wear to please my mother.

This momma's boys were dressed like Huck Finn, boxy elastic waisted cotton pants, gingham shirts and those woven hats featured on a recent Direct TV Settlers commercial. Seriously, this is what the entire freaking family looked like, except the momma had two long braids like a demented fundy Pippi Longstockings.

The hats the wife and son were weaving? Same type hats worn by all the boy children in that family.

I said nothing, even if I was itching to tell the momma that she was stuck in a high demand cult form of Christian legalism. I knew to say anything was to risk her rushing back to her Bible study or church and turn it into an 'evil worldly woman wearing too much jewelry, PANTS! and a short 1920s flapper hairstyle persecuted us because we're True Christians' I'm not giving anyone in fundytown that joy or satisfaction since you know many of them secretly love to claim Christian persecution. Persecution is when someone tries to stop you from voting, or buying food or living because of your faith, not someone pointing out that you might reconsider your flavor of koolaid.

Plus I'm sure Mr. Scamming Workers Comp would have rushed over and informed her I was the town's token liberal/reprobate/atheist/demon-addled/Christian-hater that attended a church filled with homosexual-loving-abortionists (translation into regular American: A Methodist)

And here's the thing about those type of hyper modest folks that dress like it's the 1840s. They aren't being 'modest', they're standing out like a sore thumb. Paul's advice on how modest women should dress in the church was more about not showing off how wealthy you are, about not standing out in a showy and flashy way that distracts from worshiping the Lord. I don't think even a stripper in lingerie would be any more distracting and sticking out like a snowball in a coal bin than this crew was.

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