Saturday, April 09, 2016


I seem to be stuck in a holding pattern these last few days.

My MRSA infection is back. This time it's in my left facial cheek. My face is puffed up on that side like I am hiding either a giant-sized jawbreaker or I'm hosting a passel of gerbils in the left half of my face. Apparently I stupidly provoked this reaction by scratching the itchy zit on the the left side of my face. Just waiting till Monday when it's back to my infectious disease doctor so she can drain off some pus (Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewww!!!!!) for a culture. Hurts like mad, looks ridiculous. Feverishly weirded out again.

But I haven't been dry heaving in any bushes lately due to being assaulted with old worship music either so  it's all good. Particularly the pain pills.

It's been weird, waiting to hear when Jim's friend that died this week, Glenn, when his arrangements will be and where. His family is living out in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, so I'm guessing it's taking them a few days to get here and start making the arrangements. Feels weirdly unfinished.

Eight years ago Glenn invited us to his brother Edwin's funeral. We didn't know Edwin, but we all went to support our friend Glenn. It was the first time we'd met his family and experienced a post-funeral Philippines foods reception.

The other strange things we're waiting to hear on that are making me sort of squirrelly nervous is I keep waiting to hear of my former friend's death. Unnerving. I know it will trigger another avalanche of phone calls I do not want to receive from from gossip brigade at the old church. I think I'm just not going to answer the phone if it's a local number I don't recognize. Screw that noise. I don't need the hassle.

Jim's mother, the Maw In Law, is in the hospital again and we're waiting to hear what's happening there. I have a funny feeling that this might be it for her, I hope not because that means I'll have to deal with the insanity that is Jim's brother and the brother's new wife if Maw In Law passes on.

I adore my Maw in Law and hope it's just my gloomy imagination at work here. If you read I'm locked up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after brawling at a funeral you'll know she's passed on.

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