Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Bikes, Bruised Knees and Blood Sugars

Sunday night I had one of the scariest things happen to me. I used Spiriva around 8 pm, I've only been on it for a week and within thirty or forty minutes I got very sick, shaking, sick to my stomach, light headed. Checked blood sugars. In that short of time it had spiked by 325 points.

And to think I'd been freaking out seriously on Saturday morning for popping a 200. The Sunday night/ Monday morning readings were 525. 

Yeah, so I seriously doubt it's the Xopenex now making the blood sugar spike because even the initial spike on Saturday wasn't that crazy. I think it's the Spiriva. Plus another mrsa infection. Yes, by yesterday I had another infected carbunkle oozing pus in an embarrassing place this time.

I couldn't sleep on Sunday night from worrying about the blood sugar because this put me in the scary crazy let's go to the hospital range.

On Monday I called around, the pulmonologist said to get immediately to my primary care or to the ER. The primary care said they were booked solid for three days and I really didn't want to go to the ER even if the blood sugar was over 500 still. Ended up back at doc in the box where they wanted to transfer me to the ER. Managed to meet my infectious disease doc at the other hospital and get all my meds rearranged and metformin added in again.

I think I want to try and stay on the metformin even when this latest bout is over. Since November I've managed to keep my blood sugar levels within normal ranges with only taking metformin for a month. Mostly it's just been by being careful about what I eat and checking the blood sugar levels weekly. According to the IDD every time I pop a new mrsa infection I'm likely getting a blood sugar spike too, just not as extreme as Sunday night/ Monday morning.

The other plan is to exercise more. I'm forbidden from the gym until I manage to finally conquer the back to back to back infections so this morning I bought a bicycle. I've been agitating for one for a long long time but we happened to be in Target, see the very one I wanted on sale with a Cartwheel discount of 20 percent. It was hard to say no, so I didn't.

I'd been wanting a Schwinn beach cruiser for forever and the fact that it was in my favorite color of turquoise blue just closed the deal.

During my starving working single mother days going between my job and whenever I could squeeze in college classes I had about a year where I did not own a functioning car. My eldest child still holds this against me, like it was my fault I was working and going to school with no child support from her disappeared father. I didn't mind, I came to enjoy my thirty minute ride to work, another thirty over to campus and an hour back to my apartment. One thing about my biking year, I was in the best shape of my life then. I'm hoping to return to better shape with this bike.

I've always loved riding my bike. Sadly I am in about the same physical shape as a veal calf kept tightly sealed in a box with zero muscle tone after six months of laying around sick. I got the bike home, managed to ride a non-impressive four times around the block, started going way too fast and fell off. My right knee and my pride are bruised, but I'm getting back on tomorrow. I cannot go to the gym, but I can ride my bike. I'm starting slowly because of the last six months but I'm starting. This can only help me become well again.

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