Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Church Folks Shenanigans

So yesterday I took a deep breath and went back to the Mennonite store that had music which triggered me so badly I ended up dry heaving in the bushes. I needed Daisy wheel cheddar cheese and I need to peel another onion layer and stop dry heaving whenever I heard that old charismatic style folk worship music.

This time I merely got annoyed and nauseous  while fetching my cheese. Yes, there was that style of worship music playing again, but I realized something to explain perhaps why after years of shopping there I suddenly started reacting like this to the music. They've turned the volume way up so instead of it being softly underpinning the busy and noise of the flow of customers it is drilling its way straight into your cerebral cortex.

While standing in line to buy my cheese I had a lady I know from the community, know her as a hard core fundamentalist homeschooler whose sons I used to teach in my art classes for homeschoolers. She was buying a pile of jigsaw puzzles and started talking to me like we were long lost friends, even if it's been years since I've seen her. I guess the word that I'm now a homosexual abortionist apostate didn't reach her. It was a pretty surreal experience of me trying to get away from her while she told me about how horrible it is that it's raining so much because it's preventing her sons from helping out with the family farm so she's having to come up with activities beyond her hour a day of schooling them. I started having horrible flashbacks of a series we ran recently on NLQ where Michael Pearl claims that a hour a day of schooling and the rest spent helping papa was the only way to turn out educated well rounded adults. 

Whatever. I think I'll drive further to the next Mennonite store and buy my cheese there. I used to go to the next county over to this other store and they have never had background music playing.Too bad there are customers there also that I knew from my old life. Not that the encounter yesterday was bad, it was just a reminder of all the things I once firmly believed in that now seem ridiculous.

Got home just in time to see a brief message from someone Jim has had significant troubles with. She was quitting the counting team for the church offering. Good, because in the six months or so that Jim has been in charge of the counting he's had nothing but trouble from this woman. She's called him up to shout at him and complain, she's blamed him for her failure to read emails and sent him reams of very nasty emails over her issues with the way the rules for counting run.

This all sort of blows my mind because it's a volunteer position, both Jim and this lady and she's done nothing but bitterly complain and take offense over everything Jim says and does. I get all the same emails and meetings she does and I'm still not sure why she's taken offense at all. But the only thing I can figure out is that she seems like someone determined to take offense no matter what.

After a day of this nonsense I sat down and watched the perfect film to wash away church member shenanigans and gagging over worship music. The name of the film is 'Paul' and it's silly as hell, but it also pokes some fun at fundamentalism. Here's a clip of a fundy gal being confronted with the reality of alien life:

...and the alien Paul scaring off some local yokels

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