Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Cue The Outrage!

For months now I've been watching Nancy Campbell and many Quiverfull and Evangelical pontificators praise Ted 'Might Be Satan' Cruz to the skies as the ONLY candidate a Christian should vote for. Even after adding Carly 'Lady Sneerington' Fiorina as his running mate last week.

They cry and claim he's 'God's choice'.

Tonight he admitted defeat after Donald 'The Bloviator' Trump kicked his fanny in the Indiana primary and stepped out of the race.

My question is.... tomorrow what will all these same people being saying? That 'Satan' forced Cruz from the race? Or will they be lining up behind Trump? Calling for the Rapture and return of Jesus immediately? What will the spin be?

One thing I am happy about is that Fiorina is out of the race. She earned my deepest hatred when she proclaims that all government workers were lazy folks that used their computers and work time to view porn all day. Guess she doesn't realize that the government blocks the porn sites on their computers.

Poor old drunken John Boehner was wrong about Cruz on one account. Cruz is not Beezlebub. The dark lord of Hades would have found a way to stay in the race and managed to off Trump. Cruz simply is neither that clever, powerful or smart.

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