Sunday, May 01, 2016

Game of Groans

Today was sort of crazy, starting first thing in the morning when I popped one of the tires on my car. I'd had to pass a woodchuck (colloquialism for guys that chop and sell firewood)  hauling a woodchipper in one of the spots coming out of downtown where the road starts to go from one to two lanes. He was hogging the street, going slow and had his left turn signal on, I zigged around him on the right, rubbing my front passenger side tire against the curb.

It felt weird when I pulled around him so I pulled into the gas station just past him, pulling too close to the curb surrounding the store just in time to have my tire pop like a balloon. The tires aren't worn out yet, but when I got out of my car I saw I'd somehow managed to snag that same tire on a piece of bent metal curbing protector that jutted out. It had the instantaneous effect that stabbing the tire with a buck knife would have.

Stranded at the damn gas station on a rainy Sunday morning when I was supposed to be at church counting the offering money from all the services.

Lucky for me the gas station was next door to a mechanics shop that is open on Sundays and sells new tires. We left it for a new tire until late this afternoon.

I feel about like that tire today. Yesterday I made a pretty discouraging discovery, a new wrinkle in my asthma. I'd have a bout while out running errands, came home and self medicated with a couple of bouts of Xopenex in the nebulizer. Started feeling really weird and checked my blood sugar levels, only to find them sky high.

Since the first bout of mrsa I've been checking my blood sugar levels a couple of times a week or when I feel very odd and mostly they've stayed in normal ranges or slightly elevated. The only times they get out of wack is was that week I was eating Chobani Flips three times a day, meaning I was consuming something like three times the daily recommended amount of sugar or if the infection is crazy bad. I'd just checked the levels yesterday morning and they'd been normal.

After some digging around on the interwebs I find that some folks develop high blood sugars immediately after using Xopenex. I must be one of those.

Numbers were falling by nighttime but it still was pretty unpleasant to go through. I can see I am going to have to maybe go on Metformin again as long as I'm having asthma attacks. Which is good since Metformin seems to ease the inflammation in my lungs.

Don't start taking regular prescription drugs if you can avoid it. Put it off as long as you can because they can have some crazy unexpected side effects.

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