Sunday, May 08, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day y'all!

I'm doing the usual thing I do on Mother's Day. Playing church hooky because the way Mother's Day is handled in church is pretty stomach-churningly awful for anyone that grew up with anything less than June Cleaver and has failed to be that perfect mother themselves. I'd rather sleep in and cruise the websites than deal with that sappy syrupy sermon and whatever else they have planned. And I know they has something lumpy or mushy planned because I saw their prep yesterday when we went to the church yard sale.

Andy stopped by yesterday with a beautiful hanging flower basket for the garden and dropped off a present of many wonderful things from his stressed out sister who is a full time university employee in the HR dept. and full time Masters program student. I'll see her next weekend as this weekend she's pushing through with the end of the semester things. I think Tuesday is the end of her program till fall. It's all good.

Yesterday Jim and I went out for Chinese and he gave me another orchid to celebrate the day. He knows I love love love orchids and have been growing them for years now. I plan on spending the day in front of my easel with a paint brush in my hand.

Well, after I call my mother, which could go either way. We've had some good Mother's Days and we've had some that ended in tears. I don't know which one it will be but I am prepared for either. I hope it's good as we've both been making real effort to get along in the past few years.

While I was perusing the various bookmarked sites on my computer and drinking coffee this morning I ran across this. It makes a perfect capper for a crazy week where I discovered that Vaughn Ohlman was not such a nice guy after all practicing his IFB brand of religion. The story of his Get Them Married retreat that Vyckie Garrison wrote about has landed in the national tabloid press now.

I wonder if Andrew Camp's fucking head is exploding right now because Fish Wrapper and TMZ have jacked his daughter Laura Camp's personal photos to promote this awful story? He sure went after me just for sharing a faux wedding photo of the not-really-married duo, saying I was taking advantage of a minor child.

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