Thursday, May 26, 2016

One Piece of Cake, Two Weird Incidents

Well we made it through my son's birthday without ugly words or family infighting. I could tell my daughter is still very hurt and angry with my husband but no one misbehaved. I ended up spending my afternoon making the most delicious chocolate cake from scratch, too bad my cake decorating skillz are somewhere between crack head and epilepsy sufferer. At least it tasted very yummy.

But while I was alone in the house baking yesterday afternoon I had two big frights. I think the time has come to finally install some sort of security system along with video surveillance. The first incident happened when I was crossing the hallway and saw that someone was fiddling very hard with the doorknob on the front door. Cell phone in hand I tiptoed to the window, peeked out and saw a younger black man trying to get in. I opened the window a crack and asked him what he wanted and he ran.

This was around 11 am, in our quiet supposedly 'safe' neighborhood in the suburbs. That's pretty ballsy to try and see if you can get in with cars in the driveway in broad daylight.

The second thing was even stranger. Our large city-issued trash can is right up next to the house. When you open the lid it makes a distinctive sound, when you close the can it's a heavy thump. About 90 minutes after the doorknob incident I heard the garbage can being opened and closed. I opened the door thinking that it was Jim. Frequently when he arrives back home he tosses whatever trash is in his car into the can before coming into the house. What I saw was Donald Trump's nightmare, a Hispanic man looking into my mostly empty trashcan. Again, I asked what he was doing and he ran off into the direction of the neighborhood behind ours.

The neighborhood behind ours is all three story McMansions that made up the most foreclosed upon subdivision in all of Virginia during the housing market crash. Now many of the large houses are rentals snapped up by investors for small prices and the landlords have illegally divided up the floors of the homes into apartments. One family in the basement, another on the ground floor and two others on floors two and three. When we first moved here twenty six years ago that was all open pasture and cows.

Two years ago when the drunken Mexican broke into our house as I sat on the sofa we installed dead bolts. Now I think it is time for something more.

One of my friends says this is because the economy hasn't recovered like the government and media claims and there's more desperation and home robberies. That could be, but I'm no longer getting desperate guys showing up on my doorstep asking for any type of work that needs doing, like mowing or cleaning the gutters.

That was so sad, because most of the time I had nothing that needed doing so I was sending them on their way with whatever money I had in my wallet, usually twenty or thirty bucks and a bag of groceries from my Costco horde. Hungry families, homes lost and rampant unemployment.

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