Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pissed Off...

... here we are again, listening to True Christians bloviate and be distracted by issues that do not really matter.

Last night I had to sit through a committee meeting at church and towards the end one of the more fundy-like participants went into a positive meltdown demanding that the pastor preach from the pulpit against the transgender restroom policy that Obama has spoken of. Allowing students to use the restroom of the gender they identify as.

The scary thing to me is that she was completely over-the-top unhinged about the possibility of this happening in our local schools and wants it stopped immediately. She doesn't give a rats ass about things that we should be outraged over, like the large homeless population here near DC, the hunger in the working poor that's so insane right now that the local food pantry routinely has to close because they run out of supplies. She's not concerned with the falling educational levels among our young people, the crippling student loan debt, the shrinking middle class or those that exploit anyone without a safety net of money. Or those poor folks leaving the bombed out pile of nothing that is Syria. She chooses to be outraged over this instead!

It's a prime example of Christian head in the sand thinking in the face of real problems. Find something petty to verklempt over so you don't have to face the real serious issues going on around you. Never mind that cops are killing anyone that gets in their way. Never mind the children being abused. Never mind the fact that this election is going to boil down to holding your nose and voting for the lesser weevel, err... evil.

But see.. here's the thing about this whole transgender restroom issue in several salient points..

1. Transgendered people aren't a new trendy thing that just popped up, like idiots that decide suddenly to go on gluten free diets without having a reason to, or those obnoxious kids creating hazards for anyone that walks with their silly Wheelie shoes. Transgendered people have always existed and no, usually it's not some sort of 'choice' blithely made like trying to pick out a flavor of gum, or an outfit for a date.

I know not everyone grows up around people who are transgendered. I grew up in South Louisiana and had seen my share of both transgendered people and cross-dressers before I was legally old enough to drink from Louisiana's ubiquitous drive thru daiquiri stands. They were just part of the landscape of Louisiana and I never gave it much thought, at least not until I got to know very well two different transgendered people. One I went to high school with, one I encountered later.

Oddly enough both had the first name of Blaine and were raised male before undergoing gender reassignment surgery. Actually, I don't think of it as a 'gender reassignment' so much as a correction of something that should have been handled at birth. Both were born with parts of both sexes and both sets of parents were told that they had to decide what gender they wanted their newborn to be and that appropriate medical steps needed to be taken, surgeries and hormone therapy. Both sets of parents decided to raise their children as male, yet do none of the recommended medical procedures or hormone therapy.

Both Blaines grew up feeling that they were the wrong sex, that they should have been female. After a long journey filled with struggles and self doubt both Blaines started living as women and ended up getting the corrective surgery and hormones they should have received as newborns.

Neither of them 'chose' this, it chose them. Plus even before the surgeries I seriously doubt anyone could have told the difference between either of them and a natural born women in a public restroom.

It has nothing to do with perversion or picking a sexuality. It was who they are. Which leads to my next point.

2. Likely you've been sharing public restrooms with transgendered folks for years and not known it at all. Where do you think they've been peeing for years now? In the bushes by the side of the interstate? Nope, the same places you go when the need strikes.

3. Statistics prove that you are much more likely to be assaulted or molested by a straight white Christian male than by either a cross-dresser or a transgendered person in a public restroom. Going to the bathroom to relieve yourself has nothing to do with sex or any sort of hookup! Unlike what fundamentalists think not everything in this world is related to sex. Non-fundamentalists don't obsess about sex all day long, unless they are an adolescent dealing with raging hormones. Mature people don't.

But the big thing for me is that it does not matter a hill of beans in the long run. One of the symptoms of my completely wacked out immune system besides my asthma is that I also have ulcerative colitis, UC/IBS. Remember all those commercials for drugs for UC where some fretful worried looking person is twisting around in their airplane seat or walking around the mall scared and worried over how far they are from the restroom? That's a reality for UC sufferers. When you're having a flare you may have only a very short period of time to get to the restroom or crap your pants.

Through the years dealing with flares I can tell you I've crashed the men's room when needs be, once recently when I was at the Fredericksburg Mall the same day that Ben Carson was appearing. Something happened and they had to close the ladies room, funneling all the women into using a single family restroom that had an elderly lady in there for twenty five minutes. Eventually myself and a handful of other ladies crashed the mens room because our needs were urgent. Yes, there were startled looks from the guys pissing at the urinals as about five of us entered and walked past them to the 10 unoccupied stalls just beyond them. But, hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go, no matter who is there.

I've had to resort to the men's room a number of times now, and if I'm lucky it's not only unoccupied, but Jim will hold the door and shoo off any men trying to enter.

Will my pastor speak about transgender bathroom issues from the pulpit after this lady's nonsense? I doubt it. One thing I like about my friendly Methodist minister is that he stays out of political and cultural nonsense, allowing everyone to have whatever personal stance they like.

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