Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Do-Rag Blues

 I got up this morning and went to church. Jim is out of town taking an international teaching certification towards being able to teach English anywhere in the world, so it was on me to go in and make sure the offering counter team was there and doing their job smoothly.

Didn't really want to do this considering the fact I'm still dealing with sorrow and grief. But it has to happen. I know this is a small town and there's already been some gossip about our situation, but I held my head high and just dared anyone to ask me what was going on. Mega resting bitch face.

Shortly after arriving I found out that not all of the counters were there, the ones that were there didn't have the combination to the safe, couldn't get the check reader to work and assorted other problems. After helping out I sat back and observed how they were doing it and had to point out there was a reason it was taking this group five hours instead of the ninety minutes. I can see I'm going to have to update the rules and put out a best practices manual for the team. No one is following any of the outlined procedures.

But it turned out it was a good thing I had to spend the entire service in the office overseeing the offering counting from all three services. Why? Because one of the nastier people from my old church was there at the service I usually attend and help out with the service and worship. Ironically this is someone that aligned herself with Cathy, the lady that is dying of cancer who was a former close friend of mine.

Let me back up. At my old church once many of us started fooling with the Toronto Revival it caused a nasty split in the church that wasn't fully done till two years after I left, seven years ago. The lady that spearheaded the beginnings of the split was named Annie. Annie was a home-birthing, home-schooling, home-business, quiverfull mama, who took an extreme dislike to Toronto and all of us that were involved. She pushed our pastor to make all women in the church stop cutting their hair, wear headcoverings all the time and her biggest demand was that everyone in the church who had been divorced be ordered to leave. That's after the church cut off all contact with the Toronto teachings and discipline those of us going back and forth to Toronto.

Annie was on a tear, slinging mud at everyone not supporting her demands while she stormed around with her butt-length braids covered by a scarf folded and tied in a style I've seen many African-Americans wear and call a do-rag. From that moment on I dubbed her 'Do-Rag Head' in my mind I was so irked with her. One of her and her buddies habits was to leave notes tucked up under the windshield wipers of those members who'd been previously married and divorced. What did the notes say? Demands for us to stay the heck away from that church.

Eventually the pastor ran Annie and pals off from the church and the last I heard she had attempted to join the local Mennonite church. They rejected her. Like I said, this is a small community and people talk. Her reputation preceded her as a church hopping trouble maker.

Annie, Cathy and Janice were the three ganged up against everyone else in the old church. The thing that all three had in common besides head coverings is that all three were very unhappy in their marriages. Annie was married to a guy who was a hard core alcoholic. The first time I met him he was mooning the lot of us at a church picnic.

So this morning Annie shows up at the mainstream church I'm a member of now, a church she, Cathy and Janice said was filled with homo-loving abortionists going to hell. I'm not sure why.

These more hateful folks from the past just keep popping up like weeds in a garden after a rain. I'm working on trying to forgive them and the ability to treat them with something like politeness. But it's not going to be today. Today I shrank back and faded into the crowd rather than have any interactions with Annie. I hope she's either greatly changed or moves on. She's still wearing her do-rag headcovering.

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Kalieris said...

I'm glad you were able to avoid her. There's no value in trying to deal with all traumas all at once.