Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Still Alive, But a Tiny Bit Worse For the Wear

So I am still alive, I just have been incredibly busy with life and No Longer Quivering. We seem to be lurching from scandal to scandal at NLQ this year, a couple of scandals involving 'Girls Are Like Apples' and marry them off young Von Ohlman followed by the Hate Songs of one Pastor Steven Anderson after the terrorist attack in Orlando this last week.

I still haven't answered many emails going back months now. I still have issues using my right hand well or for very long. I use the time mostly to do NLQ posting/editing things, not replying to people. My bad, I suck.

Yes, I have mrsa again, but my last five bouts have occurred somewhere on my head, my eyes, my mouth, my face and now up my nose and all into my sinuses. More doctors visits and more meds. I am getting used to constant yeast infections and feeling like crap.

I had a birthday recently and we went out of town, down to Virginia Beach. I needed that badly.

Been busy with handmade items that people have ordered and some of those sample quilts for the shop. Put in the garden, trying to trim down my closet to clothes that actually fit. I've lost enough weight that I had to give most everything in the closet to charity. Still have a ways to go to get to goal but now wearing regular non-fat lady sizes. All by eating healthy. I did this even while sick. Knowing I started this borderline diabetic also helped. I have to do this. The less body I have the less oxygen I must take in, so in the long run this will be good for the asthma too, not to mention the back problems and fallen arches of my feet. I still freaking hate exercising.

Making Costa Rica moving plans for the Fall. Very likely Jim will have a position teaching English. Already planning what to bring and got Jim to agree to hiring a maid/cook. I'm going to be still doing NLQ but spending more time at the beach and quilting than I do now.

One thing I've started doing for NLQ that was slightly nerve wracking is that I started doing live Facebook videos, reading aloud Von Ohlman's horrible marriage match making book 'What are you Doing?' I was so stiff and flummoxed during the first video but by last night's I was much more relaxed courtesy of TEQUILA! I turned the reading into something of a drinking game. Every single time Vaughn had a character hint at sex without using a proper term for it I did a mini-tequila shot mixed with a squirt of lime juice on camera. I'd been thinking about a couple of tequila shots a day after reading on an AMA-related website that researchers had discovered that daily tequila, one or two, causes people with fluctuating blood sugars to stabilize. Yeah, like I need a reason to gulp down tequila shots! I like it a lot.

By yesterday I needed to get tipsy. My ex friend with cervical cancer passed away. She spent the first three weeks after her diagnosis lurking from herbals and prayers healing ministry places, one to another, seeking a cure. The last few weeks of her life she was finally in a good hospice providing nursing home and surrounded by her family. Right where she needed to be all along.

The downside of her passing is all the crying on my shoulder some of those ugly evil women from my old church did. I got a lot of calls, but it wasn't too bad. No one was blaming her for her death, it was more women shook up that someone they knew well died a few days before her 56 birthday. I was able to provide a little comfort, and that's good, even if it's emotionally draining.

Now I'm off to the gym to trudge around the current pool and try to regain a bit more strength again.

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