Friday, June 17, 2016

When It Looks Like One Thing, But Morphs Into Something Else

The title seems to be the theme of my life this week, a week punctuated with asthma to the point where I've been laying in bed watching lots of bad television like the "Revenge of the Nerds IV" movie and "Cops".

One episode of "Cops" I saw is a perfect illustration of my life at the moment. The officers showed up for what seemed like a routine pick up of someone high as a kite and attempting to expose himself to minors. By the time the long episode was over Mr. High Flasher had kicked out the window of the police cruiser, made a break for it, managed to piss and crap himself and break one of the officer's nose. Not expected at all. Neither has much of anything in the past few days.

I'm trying to regain a little strength by going to the gym daily and walking around the current pool. Unfortunately I am being stymied the last few days by someone else there. A little silver haired lady in the pool that literally reeks of some perfume that spells instant asthma for me. Each time I've rushed up to the counter at the gym using my portable nebulizer just to break the episode enough so I can get home in one piece the manager has gone to her and pointed out the 'no perfume' signs in the locker rooms. The lady has been so horrid about it, fighting with the managers and telling them she'll do what she damn well pleases.

It's frustrating because this is not a matter of her choice slightly inconveniencing me, it's impacting my ability to use a public facility I pay a big membership fee to access. Today I'm going two hours early to try and head her off at the pass.

Yesterday afternoon also went about like this. I decided to go to a new salon and have the horrible haircut the Jesus-shouter gave me six weeks ago corrected to something I can style. Big BIG mistake. No witnessing, just a stylist that completely ignored the photo of how I had my hair in a long messy pixie bob to my chin three years ago and proceeded to give me a short pixie above my ears. She ignored my telling her over and over again that she was cutting it way too short. I did the usual full salon package and she tried to upsell me on a complete facial waxing package instead of doing what I asked and just threading my eyebrows. She tried to plus sell by mentioning my slight I usually keep it groomed off upper lip hair.

Oh no bitch! I'm not going to buy more products because you are pushing 'mustache' removal. I'm just going to get more and more pissed off.

This is possibly one of the few times I've come out of the salon/spa more tense than I went in. I let the stylist know I hated my hairdo and she'd failed to listen to anything I said about the style or length. Thankfully it's just hair and hair grows back. But damn, nothing is going according to plan or usual patterns. What's going on here?

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