Thursday, July 28, 2016

Caught (Between the Hot Tub and the Steam Room)

Today's gym adventures included watching two older ladies, the type that show up glammed up to work out, have a bitchy shout off in the parking lot over who got to the close to the door parking space first. This really made me laugh because it seems like if you're going to work out anyway it really shouldn't matter if you have to park another twenty or thirty feet away.

However I guess with the temps being with the heat indexes up on the plus side of 100 they might have been worried about hair frizzling or makeup melting.

I affected my resting bitch face/Thurston Howell III mien hard today because the gym was filled with folks, lots and lots of folks, making my workout harder. But at least no one started trying to talk to me, at least until I got into the hot tub.

Somehow I found myself cornered by someone I'd not encountered there before, the Bragging Preacher, not to be confused with the Pissing Preacher (Steven Anderson that says that men must pee standing up or lose their man card and balls). The Bragging Preacher kept shouting out his accomplishments and stories like he thought I gave a damn. Assemblies of God, now loosely afflicting,, er.... affiliated with one of the more woot-woot fundamentalist-crazy non-denoms in rural Madison County. I rolled my eyes so many times before I got away from him that I swear I thought they might freeze and stay that way.

The rest of the day has been me taking apart the dryer and fixing it. I should have stayed away from the gym because I think I've thrown my back out again.

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