Thursday, July 21, 2016


It's been quite the week. There has been major drama with my poor son. Long story short, he gave up a good paying job and a nice living situation in Northern Virginia to take a not so great paying job and move in with his long time girlfriend in very rural Central Virginia. The job involved things like he never imagined, like climbing on roofs and he rapidly discovered he hated it. When he fell off a roof and dislocated his shoulder he knew he could not stay, so he quit.

His girlfriend hit the roof, not the one he fell off of, and so now he's leaving her. Today we're moving him out, back to his old place that thankfully had not re-rented. He tried to get his old job back but it doesn't look likely.

Losing your job and losing your relationship are both stressful enough on their own, but together... it just breaks my heart that he's having to start all over again anew. I feel so badly for my baby.

The rest of the week wasn't much better. Another shooting in Baton Rouge, this time only a block from where I lived for five years before I married Jim. It is so jarring, dislocating, just weird to see all the important places in your younger life on television as the backdrop to a large scale tragedy. I've got relatives that are cops in that city, which really makes all the recent happenings hit hard. I've written about the endemic racism in Baton Rouge by most of the white population, but this cop-killing isn't going to help the situation either. Going home soon to see my mother and I'm not looking forward to being in Louisiana.

Which leads me to the thing that is making me feel bumper-stunned the most. Yesterday I spent many hours speaking with people from New Bethany and family members of Bossier Doe Carol Anne Cole. I'm going to be doing a little digging and writing an article, or series of articles about New Bethany and the stalled investigation into Carol Ann's murder for No Longer Quivering. The stories that are coming out of this are just heart breaking.

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