Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Thurstonina Howell The Third Again

I've been breaking that bitch out a lot lately, from resting bitchface in the gym to avoid talking to others all the way through my you will do what I say now at the DMV.

You wouldn't like her much. I realize I'm not entirely likable all the time, hell, likely I'm unlikable a lot of the time. I have no problem with that if it's in a place and time that I'm struggling with being in. Like the damn gym.

We got through moving our son back to his old place. I felt so bad for him the entire time we were shifting his things around. There was some confusion on getting a Uhaul. Apparently none of the guys in our family realized you had to reserve one of their trucks in advance. We did manage to rent a pickup truck and get him packed up and back to NoVa.

I am not even going to lie, it was a tough day, and nope, I didn't break out Thurstonina at all. In fact it was all sorts of heartbreaking listening to the crying, whimpering and very confused doggies of my son's girlfriend while we were moving his things out. I sat on her sofa, looking around her beautiful small cottage home and had to inwardly mourn for my son because this is exactly the sort of life I pictured for him, wanted him to have. A loving partner, a nice tranquil place to live and the kind of freedom that his desire for the countryside would bring. Instead it's back to the grind in Fairfax county Virginia.

The days after the move were involved with Jim trying to get our daughter's old car transferred and tagged in our name. Unfortunately he ran into the same problem at our local DMV that I have several times now. You show up, with the correct paperwork according to the DMV website, charge card in your hot little hand and you wait and wait and wait only to be shuttled through at least three low level petty power drunken idiots that cannot even agree on how your transaction should be handled, then denied at least a half dozen times before you finally either find the one person there willing to do their damn job, or you make a scene and get the transaction finalized.

Jim kept getting rejected so I took a crack at it Monday morning, employing the other sad tactic that works in small Southern towns when dealing with bureaucracy, getting dressed up and groomed as though you were of a better class. Here that means like one of the Northern Virginia 'Come-Heres' or like one of the rich folks that rides with the hounds. Designer clothes, makeup, etc. completed with a Thurstonina Howell The Third attitude of superiority.

I hate pulling that shit, but it worked like a charm. I exited the building successfully clutching new license plates and registration. Small towns in South operate in the strangest ways.

Told my doctor when I ended up shortly thereafter at her office to look very closely because this was likely one of the few times, or only time she'd see me wearing makeup, with my hair done up just so and dressed like that. We laughed.

What wasn't so funny is what some of my blood work revealed. My blood sugars are going crazy again, spiking when I use certain asthma meds and driving my A1C levels up to scary highs. I have upcoming appointments now with a endocrinologist, cardiologist etc to make sure I've not have too much damage from the crazy up and down of the blood sugar and see if there is going to be a way to manage the spikes when I have to use my asthma meds. It sucks.

One of the suckiest things about all of this is that I now have to go to the gym daily for at least thirty minutes of exercise. I've been mostly very grumpy about this because, quite frankly, I hate exercising. I don't like going to the gym, I hate sweating, I hate that it makes my back hurt, I hate that I have to build up again some stamina and resistance after these long months of being sick. The thing I hate the most is dealing with the other people actually at the gym, which I detailed recently here about my difficulties dealing with ex church members. But I did it, but Thurstonina Howell The Third was there too. It's the only way to keep others from slowing my already slow ass down and keep on track.

I think I might have overdone it today because it's only 5 pm and I'm ready for bed right now.

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