Thursday, July 07, 2016

When Will It End?

Not long after I finished writing about my despair over the shootings in the last few days of young black men and the overt racism that exists in Baton Rouge I saw on television about the shootings of law enforcement during the protests in Dallas, Texas.

Violence is never the answer to violence. It just keeps upping the ante. I think peaceful protest and resistance is the only hope, like Martin Luther King preached. And this time the white community must join in to make it work. No more.

What was sickening and interesting at the same time was the vast difference in how Fox News and CNN covered the shootings. Fox News exaggerated what was going on. When I first flipped to them they announced four dead and six at the hospital with some breathless goggled eyed sick excitement. I moved on to CNN who are the time could only confirm 3 transit officers at the hospital. Later they announced it was three death and eleven in the hospital.

Is there not some legal way to force Fox News (and other offenders) to report truthfully and not hype up tragedies like some sick gleeful pageant of pain for ratings?

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