Sunday, August 14, 2016

Church is Always Drama and Historic Floods

The Naked Pastor - David Hayward posted a drawing the other day about, a Venn diagram of church and drama and I have to say it's all too accurate. I like David, we've both been harassed by the same gang of not very nice folks masquerading as social warriors. Big old intolerant cry babies.

But I'm not talking about those people today, nor am I bitching about the scads of people that treat the gym like gossip central or a pick up joint. I got to church today and discovered that one of the people in leadership I've never been very comfortable with either stomped away and quit or was fired. People are all atwitter and gossiping about it left and right. I fended off a few folks that wanted to know what I knew, which was exactly zero. I stay far far away from this guy and most of the people not on worship team.

This fellow was the youth leader, and he held some ideas just slightly to the right of those at my old church. One of the things he did that led me to express some concern to our pastor was that he taught
I Kissed Dating Goodbye' by Josh Harris, pushing courtship as The Way at our mainstream more liberal church. That, and other things, made me feel uncomfortable about him. He seemed nice, but every time I talked to him our conversation devolved into shades of Fundytown. So I kept my distance and most of misgivings to myself beyond questioning the wisdom of teaching that awful book.

Now I'm watching a bunch of other folks verklempting about whatever it was that happened over on Facebook. Why can't everyone just mind their own business. It was announced by the pastor that he left and no details discussed. That should be enough.

But it never is. This was one of the big bugaboos that disgusted me the most at my old church Possum Creek. There was constant drama, people stomping away or dramatic things happened and scads of idle speculation going on. I was telling my friend that went to the beach with me that one of the most hateful hurtful things that happened to me at Possum Creek was each and every time I had terrible problems with my cycle and ended up having to go into the hospital and had a D&C to end my massive bleeding that someone would end up saying I'd had 'an abortion' even though I had not been pregnant. More than a few times it ended up on the email prayer list as an abortion. Why they couldn't just understand that I needed the every three or four month D&C for my period problems I don't know.

Gossip like that hurts. Hurts badly when it's about you and it tells me something negative about the persons around me trying to engage in it. I end up having to break out that hateful snotty elitist attitude of Thurston Howell III every time someone tries to gossip with me. It's safer that way.

I've gotten much better as time has gone on about not taking offense at the ideas and words of others. In fact my friend on the trip said a number of things I think are ridiculous, such as supporting Donald Trump and I managed to not argue with her or take offense. I was more amused by her words and antics than offended, with the exception of her more racist moments. She is who she is (an extremely conservative former Ben Carson supporter), I am who I am (uber liberal politically) and we don't have to agree on everything, even if I find her love for Donald Trump puzzling. I asked her what she liked about him and all she could say is that she liked the things she heard him say. I asked for specifics but she could not come up with any. It was an enlightening peek into the mind of a Trump supporter.

I did have great fun telling her about a recent encounter I had with a member of her new church at our local Starbucks. Went through drive thru, saw that the car ahead of me had their church's bumper sticker on it, pulled up to the window to pay and found out that the car ahead of me had paid for my coffee. That was nice, I thought, right up until the cashier handed me a Chick Tract the people had left for me and mumbled out something about 'God's blessings'. Chick Tracts! I growled, grumbled and tore up the tract right in front of the cashier while inwardly thinking some very dirty words.


On a somber note I'm watching the flooding in Baton Rouge Louisiana and have been on the phone with many of my relatives down there or connected with them on Facebook. So far everyone is relatively dry. My mother swears it's not that bad, but I did see drone footage from her neighborhood and it looks pretty dire. This is concerning. In all the years I lived there I've never seen such huge stretches of interstate 10 shut down before. I hope the waters recede quickly.

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