Tuesday, August 09, 2016

One Very Popular Comedian Sucks Hard

I've been away at the beach and not updated. Now I'm back and I have mrsa again. This time it started because I had an allergic reaction that I could not help but scratch.

And just like that reaction on my eyelid I scratched instinctively I found myself regurgitating some ancient history between myself and a famous comedian who always seems to land in commercials and get his own television show. Was I triggered. Holy cow!

Not coughing up a name, many that know me well know exactly whom I'm referring to. Back, oh say, 17 years ago I did a silly set of websites for a very silly indie film that was never released save for a few film festivals. This unknown comedian was one of the stars of the film.

Through the websites and other primitive social media said comedian approached me. It didn't go well. This guy being pushed as a very clean, Christian and just 'good' comedian turned out to be anything but. Through the websites I got numerous complaints from angry fathers that the comedian had approached their young nubile teenage daughters begging and pleaded for sex, for a three way with him and his girlfriend who is now his wife.

Before it was over he'd sent me a naked photo of his pasty white glow in the dark ass, nuts and dick and I had heard from loads of women in the entertainment industry that had been subjected to his corny pick up lines, sexual innuendos and straight up sexual harassment.

Now we're many years past that and he's marketing himself as 'Father of the Year' just about everywhere. I have to wonder if he's still pulling the same creepy inappropriate behavior or did he straighten up. If he's still in super creep mode I predict he'll eventually be outed as a Bill Cosby level sexual offender.

I gag when people innocently mention him as a great guy and am triggered every time he pops up in those commercials or if I am channel surfing and land on one of his many television shows.


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