Monday, August 29, 2016

Seeing Clearly Now

Back in 1967 when I was all of seven years old my grandfather had surgery. He had his cataracts removed. Afterward he kept asking my father the same question several different times. 'Isn't Miss Emmaline looking poorly?'

Miss Emmaline was his second wife. My grandfather married her a scandalously short time after the death of my grandmother. No one in the family particularly liked Miss Emmaline, but I think it was due to her being foisted upon the family so quickly.

Here's the thing about my grandfather's question. No, Miss Emmaline wasn't looking 'poorly', she looked exactly like she had the entire year they'd been married. His cataracts were so bad he couldn't see her clearly before that moment post-surgery.

This last week has been a week of seeing clearly, of clarity on many things. I had my appointment with a specialist because I keep having blood sugar spikes every time I get another infection or use my Xopenex. It was good. We came up with a plan to keep the spikes from being so bad, I found out the blood sugar spikes have not damaged anything, not my heart, kidneys or eyes. Clean bill of health, new prescriptions and told I was doing most everything right for my health. Always a relief.

Even managed to order all new glasses for better clarity of vision. The only drag was finding out I am developing cataracts like my grandfather, likely from some of my asthma meds. A side effect I was not warned about. My vision has gotten much worse since my last exam.

One of the things I realized, seeing clearly for the first time, was how incredibly horrible the high school I attended was, not just for me, that I knew, but for others. I had a long interesting conversation online with a lady I knew from one of the last schools I attended. I guess I never realized how much more some of the others there were getting picked on and tormented by the football jock chuckleheads. It was enlightening, but I was sorry to discover that others at the school had also been the target of the popular kids.

The funny thing to me now is that some of those same kids that made life fucking miserable for others sometimes pop up on my Facebook page wanting to be friends. I always reject those requests now because if you were a jerk in high school I seriously doubt that time has improved you. I do have some people I went to school with as friends, but only the ones that were fellow survivors of the school that were decent in school.

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