Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Your Standards Are Not My Standards

One of the interesting things to come out of beach week was the fact that I was exposed to the beliefs of my old church and friends yet again.

Perfect example. On the second morning of the trip my friend who went with me mentioned that my husband had yet to call me and she thought that was a troubling sign that my marriage was not a good one. How could Jim ignore me like that, she smugly questioned while texting her husband repeatedly.

Bitch, whatever, is what I wanted to say, but I bit my tongue. We're both adults and both secure in each others affections, not needing constant reassurance or hand holding. We're not the couple that is sugary insincere fakey-pie with each other.

In fact, when I observe folks that are over the top mushy about their spouses, either on Facebook or handsy total public displays of affection in public I always think I should pull up a lawn chair, make popcorn, ice down the cokes and wait for the divorce and/or fireworks. It's the cynic in me that reacts that way every time.

Loving someone doesn't always mean you're going to be joined at the hip every second of every single day. Lack of calls and text messages are indicative of nothing. He did call and I called him a couple of times that week, just to check in mostly. But in fundytown it's a giant red freaking flag. Not cheating, or flirting, or Ashley Madison, just lack of pda.

I'm glad we're not like that because I would find is smothering to have someone lurking around like that. I'm too much the raving introvert to go for that.

But I'll be really glad when Jim gets home tomorrow from his high school reunion (very boring, I decided to skip it for the beach this year). I don't sleep well without him in the bed and I cannot lift the garbage bag of used cat litter without throwing out my back. I need him here. Just not acting like he's Romeo trying to flatter me with honeyed insincere words and actions.

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