Friday, September 09, 2016

Luckiest of Luck

My husband Jim has been gone this week. He's in Vegas, baby, with an old friend of his from high school. This entire trip has illustrated one huge thing about my husband. He has the luckiest of luck always. He must have been born with a lucky horse shoe up his butt or something.

Example: The day before he was to fly out, on Sunday, I started telling him that the emails from the airline and from the airport were warning that he had to get to the airport no later than two hours before the boarding time for his flight because they were expecting long lines at the TSA security and there was a record number of travelers that Labor Day.

This meant he needed to leave our house no later than 1:15 pm on Labor Day by my calculations. He didn't even start packing until 1:25 pm. I was pretty gobsmacked because I know if it had been me and my luck I would have likely to have been watching the plane take off with out me. And I would have been packing and obsessing about packing and repacking for days. I make sure I leave in plenty of time and try to mitigate every single risk.

Not Jim. He flies by the seat of his pants and it works for him. So he's flying back tonight after a lucky week at the tables.

Me? I just spent a week washing all the bedding for all four beds/bedrooms and washing/ironing/rehanging all the curtains in the house like I do twice a year. All the while fending off door to door solicitors for everything from cable tv to local churches to meat to home repair. Seriously, the second he left and I was alone in the house I got three to four people on my doorstep a day.

Tonight I finally finished up a new fancy 'No Soliciting' sign and hung it by the front door after another spate of door knockers and a news article in our local paper talking about the pile of door to door scammers pretending to be selling this or that.

I miss my old fancy sign I had that read 'No Solicitors Please - Unless you come bearing cookies! Everyone else will be fed to the Kraken!' with a funny goofy looking drawing of what I imagine a ravenous kraken might look like.

One good thing about him being gone is that he will automatically talk to the door to door sales people. I just blurt out 'Not interested' and shut the door right in their face. I've learned no good comes from encouraging them in the slightest. Except if it's a Paramount Construction sales person. Those I tell in some very naughty words to get off my steps before I call the law on them. Paramount is the worst in ripping people off and their people the most obnoxious of all the door to door folks. I see them once every couple of weeks.

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