Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Oh What a Lucky Man!

And yet again Jim proves just how lucky he is. On the flight back from Vegas he was upgraded to first class. He came home with more money than he left with, and he had bet on football games that played out a few days later and won all his bets. He didn't make quite enough to cover his plane ticket, but it was close.

Me? Here's my luck. About eight weeks ago I got a Shingles vaccination. I get Shingles once in a great while, so I wasn't sold on getting the vaccination but one of my new doctors insisted, said it would cut down on the number and severity of Shingles attacks I might get in the future. I had such a severe reaction to the injection I ended up in the ER with very low blood pressure and all sorts of crazy symptoms. My immune system reacted very badly.

Guess what I have right now? Did you guess Shingles? Shingles... yeah, after being vaccinated and reacting that badly. Now that's my luck. Maybe I need to go rub Jim's bald spot and try to siphon off some of his luck?

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