Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Bloody Mess

Been an interesting couple of days. Fighting with my health insurance company over the testing strips for my blood glucose meter. I have Von Willibrands, a bleeding disorder, and have been using the meter that uses very little blood and you can poke yourself just about anywhere to get that blood. My insurance company refuses to pay for any of the testing supplies for any brand but one, a meter that is much cheaper and is 30 year old technology that requires a blood sample that is roughly six times as large as my other meter.

I bled profusely from my fingertips before I decided to test the meters readings against each other. The cheaper meter has readings all over the place, gives error readings a lot and even gives widely different readings minute to minute that do not match at all the steady consistent readings of the more expensive meter.

So here's the deal. Did some research and read through the recommendations for accuracy. The more expensive tiny blood sample meter I've been using is newer technology and much more accurate than the one the insurance will pay for. So I'm going to have to give up my usual Starbucks run and use that money for testing strips. I cannot take the difficulties, oozing blood and sore fingertips any longer. It's a shame that in a country like ours, where I'm paying a pretty big out of pocket for my health insurance that I cannot get them to cover the test strips I need because I have a bleeding disorder. Ugh.

My asthma has been nuts the last few days and my huffing on my nebulizer has caused some high blood sugar spikes. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. Passed out for a long nap this afternoon. Getting old sucks so badly and this is all right after having an appointment on Monday and finding out that my A1C levels and meter were all showing I am exactly where I need to be on the blood sugar ranges.

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Bruce Gerencser said...

My new meter uses very little blood, much less than my old one. My insurance company actually forced me to go to this meter. Upset me at the time, but I like that the meter uses less blood. We have a co-pay regardless, so I suspect Caremark/insurance company made some sort of deal with the meter/strip manufacturer.

In general, insurance companies are a #%^*+# pain in the ass.