Thursday, October 13, 2016

Change of Seasons

It has turned cool here. We got no gradual easing into Fall, we went straight from 90 degree heat to waking up with mornings in the 40s. But I'm not complaining, I don't mind the chill, it's a refreshing change.

One of the pleasant things about the weather turning from blue blazes hot is that I can now spend some time every afternoon in our front outdoor living room, the spacious expanse of our lawn that holds four wedgewood blue/gray Adirondack style chairs next to a spreading sweetgum tree. Planted that tree twenty six years ago when we first moved in and it is a monster now. I'm glad I resisted the temptation most of our neighbors fell for when the subdivision was built. Most of them put in those fast growing ornamental pear trees, all of which are now uprooted and dead from the high winds that whip down from the nearby mountains. However our hardwood sweetgum is still standing.

Jim and I will usually sit outside and read whenever the weather is decent, in the chairs and our cats will come sit with us. We have bird and squirrel feeds in the tree and I'm always amazed at how unafraid of us the local wildlife is.

The first week Jim retired he was surprised by that, because he found out what happens when the squirrel feeder is empty, the squirrels come right up to the window by his computer and bang their heads against the glass until I go out and fill the feeder again.

Over the last year I've noticed that our jumpy rad-kid Siamese cat Pedro has sort of mellowed out. He now will come sit near us outside when friends come to visit. He usually hates everyone.

Apparently that has ended too. Yesterday afternoon as our across the street neighbor Francisco parked his truck and started walking to his home our scaredy cat Pedro walked across the street, up to Francisco and greeted him. Will wonders never cease?

I am wondering if this early unusual cool spell is an auger of an early hard Winter with copious snow. I hope not.

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