Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cleaning Clarification

Earlier today I posted on Facebook that I had a threat of legal action from an 'idiot' for using her own words and some folks made assumptions that I was talking about someone involved in the unfortunate Carol Ann Cole case.

I wish it was something like that. I can see being incensed and passionate about finding the murderer of an innocent young girl.

Sadly it is just another Christian mommy blogger who waxed stupid about how all of God's creation was done in an orderly fashion so that means we are to keep our homes 100% organized, orderly and neat to be Godly. I quoted that for No Longer Quivering's 'Quoting Quiverfull' feature from this random gal's largely uninteresting housekeeping and homeschooling the Godly way blog.

Yeah, it's all fun and games until someone falls down and breaks a hip or develops a life long ailment, then you see just how ridiculous and futile living with that type of thinking is. 

She sent me an email something like ten days ago with a threat that I must take it down immediately or face legal action. I only found the email because it was caught in my spam filter and I was in the spam filter looking for a forwarded piece by one of our writers that had not shown up in my email box yet. Gmail sometimes just randomly decides something is spam when it's not and I have to go on a wild cyber goose chase.

I laughed long and hard at her threat because copyright laws do not apply to discussions as long as the quoted words from an article or blog posting are around 250 to 300 words and you are using it as the basis of critical and analytical discussion. Plus our hosting company has lawyers that handle this stuff. Plus I'm quite stubborn and contrary. Plus I have a headache from hell today. Plus whiners annoy me, unless it's me doing the whining, heeeee.

Flippantly answered her back and snipped out her writing with a note that she's miffed she was quoted and had an expectation of privacy while she's blasting her extra Biblical crap all over the interwebs. Also explained on a new page at NLQ that quoting for discussion is allowed under so many words and there are lawyers available on my side too.

Sadly I do not get the same quality of whining come to Jesus throwing Christians that my pal Bruce Gerencser gets over on his blog The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser. But I was never a pastor, only a worship leader. Small potatoes on the hit parade of fundy-Amway downlines.

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