Thursday, November 03, 2016

La Tentacion Pre Election

I think the whole freaking world is starting to jitter apart at the seams in the crazy tension ratcheting up in the last few weeks. I know I've been triggered heavily and I'm starting to see things that make it seem that everyone else is triggered in some way or another.

This afternoon featured one of the absolutely weirdest things I've experienced in a long time. Jim and I were sitting at a stoplight in Manassas near Costco, car filled with foodstuffs, tired even if it was mid afternoon and headed home. I could see the homeless guy with the sign asking for money way before we got anywhere near the intersection. I usually give these guys a few bucks if I have it, but this one was just giving off batshit crazy vibes before we pulled up and he did not disappoint. When it was obvious we weren't going to give him money, that we'd pulled up several lanes across from him on purpose he started screaming and yelling 'GOD BLESS YOU' over and over again before starting to dance and sing a song with lyrics about 'jigaboos' and 'n!ggers'. We were horrified, jaw-dropped, this guy was the entire basket of deplorables at the same time. It was like that scene in 'Vacation' in East St. Louis where Clark Griswold tells the entire family to roll up the windows.

This week I've witnessed folks I know at a church function with pro-Trump clothing proclaiming that they were 'Proudly a Deplorable', along with doxxing Evangelical Christian bloggers, others whining about giving candy out to illegals and poor folks while wearing their gaudiest big crosses and others claiming to be Christians that seem to think that the central message of Jesus was hate everyone not like them. It's discouraging and frightening.

Yes, I realize most of my recent posts here are negative and complaining, and I'm not liking it at all. But it's the general zeitgeist swirling around making me feel despair for our society. I wish we could overwhelm and overpower this negative with love. Unfortunately I don't have it in me right now. I just want to go huddle inside, with chocolate, cats and books until things calm down a bit. Perhaps this overseas move is coming at exactly the right time.


It's not been all negative. Halloween was a blast. I dressed as a crazy old cat lady and gave out candy at the Trunk or Treat thing at church. I ran into a little girl also dressed as a crazy old cat lady and we bonded, took photos together and gushed over our mutual love of kitties.

Today we spent the day at the university our youngest works at. She did graphic recording on a large scale for the employee excellence award ceremony and received a book scholarship towards her masters program. We went out for lunch, feasting on Banh Mi sandwiches for National Sandwich Day.

I've read an enormous amount of books in the last two weeks because I've been fighting off a cold and done a large amount of crochet. I have stacks of cat butt change purses to go up on the Etsy page and a stack of broomstick lace scarfs in a rainbow of colors. Out of every not so good circumstance there is a small blessing.

At least that's what I'm trying to tell myself that to get over the annoyance I felt upon coming home from Costco and finding that the freezer compartment of my expensive newish refrigerator has kicked the bucket. We had to plug in our old chest freezer and schlep several hundred bucks worth of meat around.

I think I'm going to bed. I'm done for today.

P.S. To the Evangelical blogger that's doxxing a lot of people who are writing less than glowing reviews of a certain writer's book: Here's the dirt on me. In 2010 I had 4 parking tickets and I had a dispute with the IRS that ended with them writing me a check. I have several family members I don't talk to because their crazy is too difficult to parse. I am sometimes forgetful. I sometimes curse. I sometimes am very impatient with others and their crappy driving decisions. That's it. I live my life like an open book and there's really nothing you're going to be able to scare up that would shock anyone, not my name, not my address, not what I do for a living. Have at it. But I don't think Jesus would approve of what you're doing.

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