Sunday, November 27, 2016

Turkey Day and Beyond

Thanksgiving was surprisingly low key for a day spent with Trump supporters, lesbian couples, Evangelical acquaintances and a few assorted oddballs.

If you recall I was somewhat on edge because I was afraid my friend and her husband would be talking politics and their love of our President-Elect. I'm not quite ready as a liberal to politely smile and swallow back refutations of the lies many of his supporters spout. But there was no political discussion thankfully. I did not need to go into the guestroom and guzzle a shot or two of tequila.

I truly adore one half of the gay couple, spending much of the meal talking to her and her partner, likely the only other craven liberals at the table. They told me a funny tale of being trailed around Wal Mart by an older guy in a electric cart eager to insert himself into their duo with about the same level of sophistication in his come on as some of the elder guys I deal with here. I told them about Mr. No Fat Chicks and the well dressed older gent in the adult diapers. I guess it happens everywhere, and it's just as funny and wrong for everyone.

The unknown Evangelical couple turned out to be wonderful folks without the hideous prideful judgmental behavior of many I know in that world still sport. The wife was able to give me some options for getting Pedro into Costa Rica without a rabies shot. Apparently you can get a vaccines titer blood test done and that's enough with the USDA paperwork and vet report to get the vaccination requirement waived.

Here's where it gets crazy on that. Only a handful of places require vaccinations to import an indoor house cat. The USA does not require it, they recommend it. Hawaii has strict requirements. Confusing. I'm going to be talking to someone at the consulate now that I have the right contact information now and ask if I can get the titer test accepted and the vaccination requirement waived.

One highly amusing thing happened during the day. Mrs. Drama, the lady I'd been warned about, decided to sit next to me at the meal and since I'd been copiously warned about her propensity to gossip and back stab I managed to deflect most of her questions with almost monosyllabic answers, 'Yes,' 'No,' 'Louisiana,' 'South,' and 'Cajun'. I sat there smiling while she tried to engage most everyone at the table in conversation. Most awkwardly our hostess accidentally let it slip that Mrs. Drama's daughter had accepted at job in Vermont and was moving there post-haste. Her daughter had shared it with my friend, but not her mother. It made for one very long tense moment over pumpkin pie. Most everyone at the table had known. Her mother had not.

But that's not the thing that made me laugh a bit inwardly. It was listening to this lady carry on about how her brain power, overall smarts and IQ test scores had jumped up phenomenally once her primary hobby was changed to 'intellectual reading.' Yes, I was seated next to a bore bragging about her intellect. I had a little fun with that, by asking her what her reading lists consisted of, mentioning certain recent books, like 'Hillbilly Elegy'. When she started ticking off the lists of authors it was pretty obvious her library was either Agatha Christie type mysteries or mass marketed paperbacks.

See, here's the thing. Don't brag that you're an expert at something or possess this or that trait if you cannot back it up with reality. Don't talk a big game only to be exposed as a phony. Someone else will eventually figure out that you're completely full of something else, and it's not always the very thing you are claiming. Pretty much why I would never claim to expertise at much of anything. I am a professional dilettante with fumbling thumbs in lots of things. I've seen this self-claim of expertise too many times during my years in the Evangelical Quiverfull world and most of the time it's someone speaking out of their rear end trying to impress others.

Don't think I'm bashing what she's reading. It's not what she's reading, more what she's claiming and how her reading list does not support her claims. I read copiously and while I have to admit I usually tend towards history and books from some of the university presses I do sometimes read things that I would be embarrassed to admit to publicly, like those books by former Hugh Hefner girlfriend Holly Madison I read this summer. I spent a painfully boring week in rural Mississippi bedridden with those awful periods I used to get with a big bottle of Tylenol 3s and the only reading material available being an elderly relative's collection of Harlequin Romance novels.

Reading is one of my favorite occupations. I love it. In a lifetime stuck in my miserable malfunctioning body it's been the greatest of escapes and lifts one above most pain. One of the greatest gifts my mother gave me was teaching me to read at a young age and instilling a love of reading in me.

Being relieved of the duty of cooking the enormous meal, cleaning, hosting family and others was such a relief. Last year I hosted for friends and went to family gatherings during the weekend. Not this year. I baked a few things and made canapes. With the planning and packing that's about the most I can handle on my plate.

We stayed to help out with the clear up after everyone else left and for the guys to watch a little football.

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