Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Post Storm

I'm coming down from a tremendous meltdown this afternoon. One of the few things I like about hitting that stress wall and having a bad space of time is the peace that follows the explosion after something has built up and been released.

Yeah, it's the trip and move. Jim's still dashing around with stars in his eyes making changes to the plans every day or so and it's getting to me again. Pick a plan, make legitimate plans and stick to it, work through it..DON'T keep altering the plans while doing nothing to carry the ball down the field. It just gets under my skin.

At least this meltdown of mine complete with ugly crying and threats of going nowhere until there are firm plans in place did jolt someone else into finally looking into buying flight tickets.

I swear if there's all this constant talking, talking, talking with no planning I am going to end up in the locked nut hut. I think this is why I'm popping the occasional high blood pressure because I don't handle uncertainty well.

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