Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Smiling Fool and Ugly Travelers

I've been cranky for months now, but I think that broke today. I realized as I was out picking up prescriptions that in a mere 6 days I'm going to be in Costa Rica. I cannot stop grinning like a fool and feeling almost high. I feel the stress already starting to melt away, even thinking about the hassle of flying a budget airline shoved in that tin can of a plane with meat and bacteria.

Not started packing yet, but I'm traveling light this time. A few changes of clothes, some sun block my Ipad. That's all I need.


On an unsmiling note yesterday morning I was at our local Starbucks having coffee and trying to update Jim's new tablet. His Christmas present will not connect to our cranky old wireless router and I don't feel like replacing the router until I know if we're leaving soon. No need to buy a new one till things are settled where we're ending up soon.

As I sat there gulping down my venti latte I could not help but overhear one of the most complaining conversations I didn't want to eavesdrop on. It was loud and had there been any other tables available while I was loading Jim's kindle books and Audible downloads I would have moved.

Guess what the subject was? The dirtiness and lack of safety in Costa Rica. Four people around my own age sitting around nattering about how positively dangerous it is to zip line, climb a volcano or walk across a swaying rope bridge, or eat the local foods was.

Live a little, folks! If a fat old lady like myself can climb a volcano and then climb another mountain to look down at a lagoon and up and down to waterfalls, swim in the ocean and come out alive then suck up your fear and do it.

Life is risk. You could stay home and have a piece of an asteroid fall from the atmosphere and boink you in the head, or get hit crossing the road. Staying huddled in America isn't any safer and there's plenty of dirt, poverty and what they were terming 'dirty foreigners' here too.

Hee. They were visiting a foreign country and calling the locals 'dirty foreigners'. And they had zero irony or awareness about it.

I kept my mouth shut, but it wasn't easy. Life - risky, dirty, and filled with the odd - all of that makes it worth living and at least a little interesting.

Please, if you travel internationally, do not ask for American style conveniences and complain when you cannot get them. Or call the locals 'dirty foreigners'. Or demand a hamburger.

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