Thursday, January 05, 2017

Taking a Deep Breath

I'm house sitting this week for a relative near DC. She didn't want to leave her dog in a kennel or have me bring her dog to my house because of the number of cats I have. This is a B-I-G dog, part pit bull and part lab, that loves me.

It's very quiet here, just the perfect antidote to the frenzy of the holidays. So far I've walked the dog this afternoon in the middle of the afternoon snow flurries until we're both shivering and I've worked on getting content lined up, loaded and scheduled in the queue for No Longer Quivering for the ten days I'll be in Central America at the end of the month.

Brought my latest quilt to finish and my sewing machine too. But didn't work on it today. I did clean the windows in this townhouse and do some other small cleaning because the person who lives here works long hours and does not always have the time to wipe down the windows and a few other tasks. It's all good. I'm happen to help her.

It's nice to take a break because back home I'm still immersed in my Sisyphean task of  gutting each room of possessions, sorting what needs to stay and what needs to go on Craigslist, or to Goodwill. We even sold my car. For the first time in twenty 27 years we're down to one car again. I couldn't believe it, the first person that looked at my car, first one to contact us, bought it within a few minutes of test driving it, and I got close to Blue Book value!

It's been mostly sunny and mild until yesterday so we've done many things outside too, like cleaning out the gutters, trimming trees and bushes, turning over the vegetable garden before mulching it like mad and trimming weeding the yard. Yes, all these things are build ups to renting the house out. One day was warm enough to break out the muriatic acid and I scrubbed the steps and walk ways leading to the front door.

So this is a nice quiet winter interlude from the frenzy of planning for our move. At least until lunch time today. I remember why we left the go-go of Northern Virginia in a big way.

This morning, while Jim was here before he goes back home to teach his class and do a few other things, we made a Costco run just as it was starting to snow, witnessing all the reasons why we're happy we no longer live this close to Washington D.C., why we moved to the middle of nowhere up against the mountains. A fight in the parking lot between a white middle class lady driving a minivan and a Hispanic lady driving an SUV. Over, you got it, a parking space. It ended badly with the white lady telling the Hispanic lady that once Trump takes office she'll be deported, she and her parking space stealing self.

People in my tiny crazy town can be incredibly horrible drivers, people who don't understand how stop lights and turn lanes work and just general assclowns when out in public but this is the first time I've seen a near fist fight with racial epitaphs hurled anywhere. This would be less likely to happen in my town, here it looked like business as usual.

Northern Virginia is beautiful and a great place to live. There's museums like the Air and Space in Dulles, or the Newseum. It has malls and miles of shopping. There's theater and something is happening all the time. But I don't miss the expensiveness of living there, which I experienced today when I had sticker shock in the grocery store, things just cost much more here than out another 50 miles where I live. Rude attitudes, higher prices and the constant go-go culture.

Snowing and cold tonight. I'm staying in and cuddling with a huge dog.

I'm finding that I'm craving peace, fresh air and quiet the older I get.

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