Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Old Hippies Meet The New Hippies

As soon as I got up this morning I made the discovery that Mary, senile and incontinent kitty of around 18 years old had peed in my expensive good leather boots. Unfortunately I didn't discover it until I'd put the boot on and wondered why my leg was damp and smelly.  Mary can be scrupulous about using either the upstairs or downstairs litter boxes until she has a spell and starts going in weird places, like my boot.

I guess Donald Trump wasn't around. Hee. Was that weird news or what coming out of Buzzfeed about some of our president elect's uh, err, umm, activities in Russia. I have to admit, as a full time joker my first reaction to hearing the news was to say that he could have saved his money and I would have peed on him for free.

One of the big things we did today, besides laugh over some of Trump's words and antics, was go around and talk to the various head shops and smoke shops to see if there was any interest in imported carved pipes from Costa Rica. Last year we brought one back for one of Jim's friends, with an iguana hand carved and painted on the pipe for very little and it was a big hit.

A couple times I've mentioned to Jim that I thought importing things like the carved pipes would possibly be a good business to take up upon our move to the big CR. Turns out there is a market for that sort of thing along with other handicrafts from the area.

We had a long enjoyable conversation with the nice young man that owns the local head shop and he's on board carrying the pipes and other things. It was one of those old hippies meet new young hippies moments.

Learned that everyone has pulled CBD oil off their shelves because the government is making it illegal to sell except in states where weed is legal. Which is unfortunate since I'm getting more and better asthma control and having less incidents of anaphalax type allergic reactions after starting taking CBD oil daily. I just wish they'd legalize or let people that need it for medical purposes have it. You can't even get high with it at all. It works pretty well for chronic pain too.

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