Saturday, February 25, 2017

Costa Rica Day 5 - Hanging Around (Literally!)

Saturday, January 29, 2017

So my asthma finally lifted this morning and I was able to really enjoy Tamarindo fully. We walked on the beach at sunup, ate breakfast at a Tico Soda. After that Jim took a nap while I spent the rest of the morning stretched out in a hammock just outside our door at the Hostel/Hotel Tsunami. I read for a couple of hours in the bright sunshine and breezes, gently rocking in the wind.

After a lunch of fresh papaya, pineapple, watermelon and banana bread again we visited a real estate agent that the book store owner recommended. It was not such a good time, the agent immediately attempted to high pressure sell us the typical luxury Americano house for a cool half a million. The place he was pushing the hardest was two stories, with an apartment on each floor that would have been more appropriate for Kardashians than us. Nope. He pegged us for rich gringos, which we are so not. We sure would not be staying at the Tsunami if we were loaded with dough.

He was disappointed to realize we're looking for a small rental place, a thousand a month or under. Nothing much is coming open here for rental until the end of tourist season, in May. We're both pretty much imperious to high pressure sales techniques. We blew him off and agreed even if we do settle in Tamarindo this house jockey will not be handling anything to do with our rental.

Afterwards we went shopping, looking at the local handicrafts to import to the states. The most positively weird thing we saw for sale were all these carved gaily painted penises, very odd in a place that bans the sales of all sex toys! We had quite a laugh.

I bought a few souvenir thimbles (don't judge! I've collected them for years, since the 1983 World's Fair. What else is a quilter going to collect?) we got more fruit, local fry pies, chips and pastries for dinner and then walked down to the beach for sunset. We swam, watch the hordes of surfers and watched the sun go down. No, we weren't eaten by crocodiles but I did finally see the 'No Swimming - Crocodiles' sign on the beach.

Showering up for the night we found out the hard way that our shower was malfunctioning. When you're showering and reach over to turn the water off you get a mild electrical shock! Now it's the shower of cold death!

Tomorrow we shove off for a hotel in the Central Valley area with incredible views. Hope they have hot water and you don't get electrocuted in the shower.

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