Thursday, February 09, 2017

Earache My Eye!

It's been difficult and sort of stressful since we got back from Costa Rica. I just now finished up all the laundry we drug home because of the go-go and being felled by mrsa yet again.

Friday we spent most of the day down in Charlottesville at UVA hospital outpatient. Jim finally had his MRI and other tests to look at his kidney to try and figure out why he was peeing blood for a week. I sat around reading and surfing the net on my Ipad, thankful I had it because it took most of the day to run the tests.

Shouldn't have taken so long but Jim popped a high blood pressure and he had to stay until it went back down to normal ranges. So it was a great deal of waiting.

Very cold Friday so I didn't want to even leave the waiting room to hit the nearest quilting store. It's just too much of a contrast, one day walking on the beach in Costa Rica in 90 degree weather, the next day shivering in the cold here in the states.

The weekend was getting back into the swing of things, with some unfriendly discussions thrown in. Jim and I have started pricing out and getting estimates on what the house needs to be rented. I keep trying to tell him that the painting and replacing the carpeting in the bedrooms must happen after we've moved out. I'm that allergic and reactive to paints, even the VOC types and new carpeting gives off fumes that make me wheeze.

And the rest of the time I've been suffering from the return of the mrsa and one hell of a sinus/er infection. By yesterday I was blubbering and crying in pain, scooting in and out of my various doctors offices, infectious disease and my ent, clutching prescriptions for more drugs. Great.

The pain is warping my mind. I've cried about a dozen times in the last few days, sitting on the sofa clutching a heating pad over my left ear. I've cried for some pretty stupid reasons too. The planning of the move is unleashing some long buried resentment and distress I didn't even realize I held against Jim too. I've wept and confronted him on these issues and how it makes me feel. Only time will tell if he'll take in my words and make some changes in how he handles things. I hope so.

But at the same time we did get some good news. The realtor came, looked at the house and said after replacing our ancient bedroom carpets and painting the rooms neutral colors we're looking at a rent of close to two thousand dollars a month. Our little Cape Cod will rent quickly he claims. I think some of the reason is that I've always upgraded every thing I've done through the years towards an improvement, upgraded appliances, using beautiful imported tiles in the bath to replace the no wax floor and hardwood floors everywhere but the bedrooms.

Which is good. We're six months from paying off our mortgage completely and that is 1200 bucks more a month than our house payments.

We've made some progress in the two new business ventures we're setting up to run in Costa Rica and had some very positive feedback along with bringing in a partner.

Jim's tests are all completely normal. His bleeding must just be the shifting of his kidney stones. Trying to decipher my notes from the trip and will post a travel blog here shortly in bits with photographs.

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