Monday, February 20, 2017

Fifty Shades of (Blue) Gray (Paint)

We've been busy, which is why I'm not so much chronicling my day as reconstructing my Costa Rica trip from my notes. It's suddenly unseasonably warm here, in the 60s the last few days and my allergies have gone nuts. I wake up coughing and sneezing and it continues all day long.

The great getting of estimates and hiring of contractors to ready the house for rent continues apace. One of the bigger home improvement companies we went to insisted we see their in-house interior designer since we're doing a semi-remodel. I was annoyed at first, not really sure that having the place painted, recarpeting the bedrooms and installing a new kitchen countertop falls under interior design, but I'm glad they did.

Turns out the lady is someone I have helped when I worked at the art studio pull together some decorator pieces for a place she was working on and some custom fabrics for other jobs. I know her, she knows me and she knows my tastes even if she admitted I don't need an interior decorator for a paint/carpet/counter top job.

The real estate agent wants us to paint the walls eggshell or off white or some other extremely light neutral with beige or light brown carpeting, but I haven' exactly been feeling that. After consulting with this lady I've decided instead of beige walls and beige carpeting I'm going with a very light blue gray with white woodwork and pewter carpeting. The real estate agent can just shove all that beige where the sun doesn't shine. I have blue tile work in the baths, very nice tiles and an antique blue and white Delft tiling around the fireplace. None of that would look good with beige at all.

The other consideration is what happens if I decide after a couple of months or a year even that I hate living in Costa Rica, dealing with tico time, dealing with the afternoon brownouts and lack of pizza and come home. This work needs to be something I can live with too. I could be happy enough with that color scheme in the house.

For the counter tops he was suggesting granite, but I am not in love with the stuff for a couple of big reasons. To me it looks dated now because so many folks have used it over the last twenty years. I've never thought it was attractive and when I recently house sat for someone that had a granite counter top it was hell to clean. It streaked up like mad. Found out from the interior decorator that if you do like I do because of my mrsa problems, and wipe everything down a few times a day with sterilizing wipes, like Lysol or Clorox Kitchen Wipes, it will strip off the coating very quickly and then it's streaky and hard to keep clean. Granite is off the table.

Because I'm fond of a hard scrub and those wipes the only way to go is with a solid counter top. The one I want is white with specks of blues in it, recycled seashells and glass, but as it was pointed out to me it's the most expensive one. My luck. Show me a rack of something and I usually will go right to the most expensive one. I wish I always went to the bargain.

So we've managed to find a counter top that is reasonably priced that I like that is a huge upgrade from what we have there already. It's medium gray with flecks of copper and blues, looks nice up against the copper back splash, the oak cabinetry and the blue-gray paint. Ordering a copper sink and fixtures to round it out perfectly.

Poor Jim, he's completely clueless and without an opinion on most of this so I've been the opposite of Miss Sweet Submissive, picking it out and deciding while he trails behind looking lost.

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