Saturday, February 25, 2017

How Bow Dah?

One of the things I got so incredibly confused about coming back home and looking at TMZ and other gossip sites for anything Duggar-related that I missed during my Costa Rica trip was some young girl on all the sites. Someone they kept dubbing 'Cash Me Outsside' Girl.

Just goes to show you just how quickly social media and entertainment news moves. It took me a couple of days to realize/find out that this was some 13 year old girl from Florida that made one quick appearance on the getting trashier than ever Dr. Phil television show.

Makes me happy that No Longer Quivering's Vyckie Garrison turned down an offer to go on the Dr. Phil show. Knowing how Phil operates means it's likely they would have drug out her ex husband for the show. Sorry, I refuse to call that man 'Doctor' because he was so not.

So.... this child, and she is a child, is now famous for being a baby-faced juvenile delinquent and disrespecting her momma on national television? I saw this morning that she is demanding and getting thirty thousand dollars per public appearance. My question is why?

Why are we as a society making awful people, or just people that sometimes act awful celebrities?

This kid is going to wake up one day and be ashamed of how she's acted in public and it's not going to be easy to put it behind her after it's been publicly aired like this. I know I did a whole huge pile of shitty things when I was that age. I shudder to think how horrible it would be if I had aired my dirty laundry on television and years later, after I'd matured, at least a little, had to live with the consequences.

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