Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Peeling Away the Layers

This afternoon I gave vent to my frustrations with dealing with issues related to the move. I peeled wall paper away from the living room walls. I feel a huge sense of relief that I've managed to eradicate the Thomas Kinkade wallpaper border of softly lit cottages from the living room.

Back during my cult church years I was seriously enamored of Kinkade's prints of a charmed life, and no only used the wallpaper border in the living room and hallway. I bought and hung up a ton of his prints, all printed with scriptures. Guess what? Those prints have now all gone on to new homes courtesy of the wonders of Ebay.

In the last few years I have found myself gagging over that wallpaper border and those prints. They evoke an era that I will never return to. Every time my eyes fell on a brightly lit cottage or bubbling brook with Biblical sayings on them I wanted to puke.

So when we talked to the guy that would be painting our house soon he suggested if we wanted to speed things along we should do the basic stripping of all the wallpaper out and he'd deal with whatever leftover hardened glue we could not remove.

Spent the morning packing things off to the dump or Goodwill, but this afternoon and evening was spend ripping that paper off with a vengeance. I've destroyed the cottages completely now! Peeling another layer away in recovery.

The painter told me too that the wallpaper in my bedroom is in perfect shape even after 27 years and that it's obviously expensive, so he did not recommend stripping and painting that bedroom. So guess what? I'm about to tell the realtor that the bedroom wallpaper stays and the new tenant will have to get accustomed to it. I told the realtor originally that I wanted to keep the paper up in that room because it's my favorite, no cottages or bold print, just a simple light blue with pinkish tiny flowers. No bad connotations.

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