Thursday, February 02, 2017

Returned Slightly Giddy and Very Goofy

Got home early this afternoon from our trip to Costa Rica. Had a fabulous time even if I did some damage to the rental car that we had to cover, hit a pitted hole in the parking lot of one the hotels.

But I'm exhausted, so tired that I feel drunk. We got up yesterday at 6 am local time, swam in the Pacific at Dominical before packing up and driving to the airport in San Jose. We had to have the car back at the rental agency at 4 pm, but our flight left the airport at 2 am. A long stretch at the airport with nothing to do and no place to sleep. We finally managed to catch about two and a half hours of sleep on the plane between San Jose and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, then running through customs and border control with mere minutes to spare for our flight to BWI. A two hour drive from the airport followed by washing piles of dirty laundry and cleaning up after the cats.

I am wiped out, less than three hours of sleep in 36 hours. When we walked through customs I know I looked every bit as disreputable as the time I picked up one of my kids from Spring Break week trip at the airport. Not saying which of my kids this was, but when they miserably shuffled out of the airport I had to tell them that they looked like they'd just rolled out of a week in a Tijuana flophouse with too much tequila. I looked and acted much the same myself.

Lots to tell, but I'm going to post my trip diary later in the week when I'm not so goofy tired. We saw monkeys begging for food right after seeing a sign ordering people not to feed the begging monkeys. I had a mostly nude massage right on the beach surrounded by many people right outside. I saw a huge flock of macaw parrots in the trees on the beach. I stayed in a surf hostel without hot water. We ate so much local fruit and rice and beans, but most of all I think we found a house and a town right on the beach we want. We're talking to the landlord now about picking up the rental in April or May. The house is three bedroom, two stories, almost brand new and right on the beach! Much cheaper than our house here.

I cannot WAIT to go back to live in Costa Rica for good.

One of the best things about the trip was not having to listen to or see the constant news about the crap pulled by our new president. One of the worst things was having to explain to horrified locals in Costa Rica how we ended up with this president. He is pretty much universally feared and hated in Central America. They're afraid he's going to crash the world economy, and, you know, use nukes.

Another surprising crazy thing about this trip is that Jim and I somehow ended up on the TSA Pre-Check list, which meant avoiding the scanner, avoiding the huge line, waltzing through the deserted pre check line with no waiting, not taking off my shoes or coat, not taking out the laptop or having to unpack any item from my bag. Went through customs and passport control at the speed of light too. The last time I came from Costa Rica it was two hours to get through customs, this time we did it in thirty minutes. Sometimes privilege makes life go so much more smoothly. Just not sure how we got it. We got upgraded seats on the plane too.

On a completely different note. Stay tuned for big changes at No Longer Quivering. It's likely we're going to be moving the site soon in order to address some of the ongoing challenges and growing pains we're had to deal with this year. It is indeed a season of change, big change.

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