Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day in Trigger Town

Being Valentine's Day we've already celebrated. Jim and I started celebrating the holiday a day in advance. Why? Couple of reasons. Local restaurants here tend to jack up the prices and be ridiculously crowded on the actual day, plus in the last four or five years we've both had things that interfered with dinner on the actual day. So we started exchanging our gifts and going out to dinner on the 13th instead.

I got another beautiful orchid to go with the others. I love them all.

I bought Jim a couple of boxes of Little Debbie snack cakes. He loves them. He loves them so much that he recently smuggled a box of the peanut butter crunchy wafflely chocolate ones into Costa Rica in the pockets of his jacket. I teased him about that every time I saw him spirit one out of his pocket and eat it in some strange moment. I was tempted to give them all away to the monkeys begging by the side of the road on Lake Arenal.

Good thing we celebrated yesterday because today I was finishing up our taxes after receiving the brokers statement late yesterday. It was the last thing I was waiting for. Everything else is done, right down to the yearly purchase of Roth IRAs to mitigate our tax burden. Went smoothly this year with zero screaming, tantrums or any foul mouthed rants against the IRS by either of us.

The tantrums and cursing were only mental and only when we got treated to some extreme stupidity on the behalf of several people in the last few days, culminating into unacceptable levels today.

The other factor that affected my mood today was when Mr. Steak from the other night decided to spam my husband's telephone with porn, hardcore, spread eagle, close up crotch shot porn. Yeah, The Enormous Creep reclaims his Creep Crown.

Jim is ignoring Mr. Steak for now, but he had to tell this idiot to knock it off with the porn. This is what happens when you ignore your inner voice and decide that perhaps someone isn't so bad after all. Never! Again! Not me, I'm going with my gut.

I have the sicko reblocked so he cannot spam me inappropriate messages on Facebook and Jim is blocking him now too. Some people never learn. He just about got in legal trouble with the cops this spring for sending around porn on his phone unsolicited and requesting photos of underage girls.

At the same time Jim's former friend, Mr. Conman, the guy that tried to talk Jim into doing a furniture import business and a pile of other businesses where we would put up our life saving has already reappeared. Jim blocked him something like a year ago because Con kept posting inappropriate things and long ranting curses on Jim's Facebook wall.

Jim decided at the first of the year to give everyone a second change, unblocking Mr. Steak, unblocking Mr. Conman and here we frigging are, second week in February, six weeks into the new year and both have gone to crazytown with the same shenanigans.

Conman contacted Jim immediately after unblocking and started complaining to Jim that his wife had lost her mind, insisting that his death would bring about the second coming of Christ and usher in a new peaceful era. Con thinks his wife has tried to bump him off a couple of times. I have a hard time believing that because she's rather meek, mild and subservient. But Con is somewhat delusional sometimes.

This last Friday night Jim was telling Conman some very Joel Osteen sort of advice. Jim loves Joel and his books. I don't like Joel, his theology is just some sort of feel good prosperity gospel in a simple form. Conman lost it and started spamming Jim constant insults, calling him names, accusing him of stupidity before adding in multiple links to the Amazing Atheist. I had to laugh at that because the Amazing Atheist has scrapped several times with some of the Patheos atheists and there have been insults and gauntlets throw. Several offered to debate the Amazing Atheist, but he slunk off to his mother's basement where he resides and refused to a debate. Cowardly weasel.

So now Jim's being spammed links to the UnAmazing Atheist, as if that proves anything, until he blocked Conman again this afternoon.

I keep trying to tell Jim that past behavior is usually a good indicator of future antics. I keep telilng myself to pay attention to my inner voice. This is the ridiculous crap that happens when I don't. Very triggering. I'm kicking myself I bothered to give Steakman the time of day, much less spend Saturday evening having dinner with him.

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