Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Costa Rica Day 7

Monday, January 30, 2017

We lazed around the Valley Vista Lodge for the morning after arising with the birds. Today was a short drive around the Pacific coast to the beach area at Playa Dominical. Tried to get a photo of all the 'Iguana Crossing' signs on the highway to no avail. The traffic was moving too fast.

During breakfast I had two surprises. I tried fresh squeezed star fruit juice for the first time and secondly, a local lady started ranting about Donald Trump, saying she hoped someone would bump him off. I'm not wild about him as president, but I have no wish for him to be harmed in that way. Likely it would only make him a martyr.

In the morning we were finally able to get a great view of the countryside around the hotel and I got a few shots of the iguana that lives on the grounds of the hotel.

Jim had to do all the driving today and we were seriously delayed leaving because I contracted travelers tummy, or maybe it was my IBS reacting to the star fruit juice. I ended up feeling rather dehydrated and dizzy sick.

We had to stop for a late lunch since I felt so crummy just north of Jaco - at a surfing school and restaurant named 'Bowie's Point'. The restaurant was on the beach and open air. I managed to get some invalid food, plantains, white rice and toast along with some of the other traditional Tico food. I started to feel better almost immediately after having the rice. I think that the stomach troubles gave me too low of a blood sugar.

But the magical part of the stop was that a big splash of color in the trees caught my eye. It was a group of rainbow-hued Macaw parrots in the wild, living and nesting in the beach front trees. We stayed on that beach for an hour just so I could try and snap a few parrot pictures. Didn't get a good one, either too blurry, too much sun, too much shade in the trees and too much movement by the birds. Incredibly moving sight for someone that has been involved in parrot rescue for years. This is how they should be, free and wild, not living in cages or zoos. If you look closely the colorful speck in the middle of this photo is one of the parrots.

We revisited Quepas, and the resort we stayed at two years ago in Manuel Antonio. Jim has several ideas for businesses in Costa Rica he's working on involving motorcycle tours of the country. The hotel owner in Quepas is on board, willing to give us a break on a group of rooms for the tour group.

But the shocker of the day was Playa Dominical. You turn out the main highway onto this suddenly bumpy dirt road, dirty, touristy and very down market. The hotel was nothing like the online photos or description. We opened the door to our room to be greeted by a 3 inch long roach dead in the middle of the floor. Dirty, old and beat-up rooms. But on the beach and cheap, cheap, cheap with breakfast and dinner included.

I suppose the view at sunset from the Dominical beach makes up for the crappy room and the hotel welcoming committee....

After I got over my white middle aged entitlement and squeamishness we had a pleasant evening there complete with a visit to a beach bar owned by a guy from New Orleans. He used to be the soundman at a place I spent many evenings watching bands - The Warehouse. I saw Mott the Hoople for the first time at The Warehouse. Had a drink called a 'Dirty Banana' before it was bedtime for this old coot pair.

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