Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Presidents, Paper, Ponies and Puzzling

Been an interesting and extremely busy few weeks again.

Yes, we're still engaged in the epic struggle to remove all wallpaper, but we've finished the stairwells, hallways, landings and living room. The most challenging part. We've moved onto the dining room, next the kitchen area and then master bedroom. More area but a much less challenging job. Twenty or so years ago when I'd taken down the living room wall paper and decided to paint my father came to visit. Thinking he was helping me while I was at work he painted, painting over all the still on the wall wallpaper paste I'd not removed. The result was a horrible mess. So in addition to pulling paper and dissolving the glue I've had to scrape down in the areas of paint over glue right down to the bare wallboard.

Took last Friday off because we had the opportunity to see the President of Costa Rica speak at George Mason University while he was in the US to meet with the new administration. Here's the thing I found puzzling about all of this. Trump, the president, did not meet with the leader of a country that has lots of financial ties with our country and imports a great deal of stuff from the USA. President Solis. Solis was palmed off on Mike Pence.

I've reached a sort of zen state of giving zero fucks now about my possessions after fighting, crying and zealously guarding them. Now I cannot haul stuff off to Goodwill fast enough. Thursday one of the second hand store that uses what they raise to fund many of our local social services programs is coming to get the beds, some of the dressers and a few piece of heavy furniture we're not taking with us.

Part of that grand things purge has been running Ebay auctions every week. Last week I sold my entire worship flag collection, with the exception of a few I'm keeping for myself. I thought last week was nutty, dealing with the types of Evangelical Christians that buy flags on Ebay always is nutty. I used to sell a lot of them on Ebay and dealt with haggling, whining and people copying my designs. I got the haggling and crying and whining only. So far none of the other makers of worship flags on Ebay has stolen my original designs.

Well, sir, I forgot about an even stranger bunch of consumers, model horse people. Something like 13 or 14 years ago my youngest daughter joined my eldest in her hobby of buying Breyer and Peter Stone model horses and going around to shows throughout the Eastern US to compete on who had the best models. My youngest only did it less than a year. The two sisters fought the entire time, it was stressful and unpleasant as a result so those horses have been locked in a series of plastic crates lo these many years.

During our listing of stuff on Ebay I offered to list the horses as she has at least four rare high dollar value models and about ten more that are decent models. I'd forgotten what that world was like and now I'm being deluged in constant questions through Ebay over the smallest nit-picky details, things like asking why I posed the horses a certain way in the photographs and questions about who the manufacturer was for a custom stand one of them sits on and it goes downhill from there. Every single day since Saturday I've had to revise the auctions and put the information requested in the auction. I'm looking forward to this week's auction being finished. People that buy my listed art supplies, books and china do not ask a million questions.

If you get the chance you should watch the documentary on the oddness of the model horse competitive world - Not Just Plastic Horses. It's both entertaining and eye-opening. I cannot find it any longer anywhere but it exposes the just plain weird over-the-top crazy folks that spend huge amounts of money to have their horses - which are in reality just childrens toys - judged by those they are paying for the privilege.

Yeah, I know, I collect thimbles so I have no room to talk. But I don't spend tons of money on thimbles, I don't take them to shows and pay to have their quality judged. I know people need hobbies, but sometimes there are folks that just take it a little too far.

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