Thursday, April 27, 2017

Contractors, Peeing, the Paranormal and Hypocrites

I finally got that counter top ordered and paid for. Ended up with a very bright and light sand colored quartz top with tiny little darker circles and a few dashes of blue. Ordered a darker sand colored stone sink and a beautiful set of antique-looking  copper taps for the sink. Happy even if this ran more than we initially planned to spend. It's going to be gorgeous!

On a down note a contractor was supposed to show up this morning to do a little work on the back door trim, a contractor that makes gutters was scheduled for this morning and the painter was supposed to be mudding like a fool. NONE of them showed up and so far no one has returned my calls. While I have signed contracts with all three I've not paid them a dime. I hope I see someone tomorrow or it's likely back to the drawing board on Monday. Why can't they show up when scheduled, or just call me and let me know they aren't showing up. Hung me up a long time today when I could have been toting things to the thrift shop, the senior center and dump.

For the last few days I've struggled to collect Jim's clothing from every room of the house, get it in those Space Bags before storing it on the shelves of my china cabinet that's going to be living in the storage room. I ran out just long enough to pick up more Space Bags at that most hated of places, Wal Mart. Which led me to discover that while my blood sugar levels, asthma and lung problems are better I now have something going on with my bladder. Going to the urologist might need to happen before I leave for the big CR. I pissed my pants in Wal Mart. I guess that now makes me a Wal Martian fully earning my spot in the People of Wal Mart site. It wasn't a flood, just a tiny trickle, but something is way wrong, LOL.I'm supposed to be a grown assed woman fully capable of holding my urine.

It's not quite been three years since we had to put down our ancient cat Little Bit. Little Bit came around at night to say 'hi' for a few days after his death. He's returned the last few nights. Usually when he appears the first sign is I feel him walking across our waterbed, shaking the waves, before I hear him purring and he settles down next to me for awhile. I cannot see him, but I can feel the shaking of the bed, hear his purrs and feel the heat of him next to me. I can only think he's reappearing now because he knows the hard depressing time I'm going through dealing with all this crapola while Jim is living it up in Costa Rica.

Actually, Jim's not living it up. Jim is living in one room of a small house with a local family near the school. He's enjoying himself, but has already complained about the lack of all hot water in the shower and wants me to bring him a few comforts from home. I think I'll surprise him with some of those sugary Little Debbie cakes he loves so much.

The reappearance of Little Bit makes me wonder if I'm making a mistake putting in quartz and stone in the kitchen. If you know anything about 'Stone Tape' theory and the paranormal then you know that stone can hold and record emotions and memories. It is frequently found at the most haunted spots. I hope it does not increase the activity here, which right now is merely two of my pets that have passed on coming back to say hello once in a while. That I can handle. More than that will unnerving. Only once has something followed me back to the house.

But my week has been made and filled with laughter after hearing about the total and complete hypocrisy of an old flame from many years ago. Apparently he's upset that one of his kids is now dating the kid of the person he was cheating on me with, calling it 'unseemly'. Delicious delicious karma and schadenfreude. I don't wish bad things on him, but I admit to enjoying the spectacle from the sidelines. The only way this could be better is if it involved Tom Smith.

Damn, rereading this I sound crazy. Maybe I'm going nuts with this move?

After packing up eight shoeboxes with Jim's ties I have informed him that he no longer can criticize my shoe collection. I have far fewer shoes than he has ties. He better hope I don't start showing at one of the great shoe sites online.

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