Saturday, April 29, 2017

In Which I Am Apparently A Bitch, A Wheezing Ranty Bitch

The guttering guys showed up yesterday, a day later than scheduled. When I asked them why they were a day late I was told I should have known they don't work when it looks like it might rain. Granted, Thursday was breezy and overcast but it never did rain. A phone call would have been nice.

We definitely got off on a very wrong foot!

A half hour later I was sitting in my office working on NLQ, and working on planning an overhaul of NLQ when I heard the gutter crew supervisor talking. They were all up on ladders right up against the office, just outside the window from me. He started complaining that the builder of our home didn't use enough nails/screws/fasteners on the fascia of the roof line and that their ladders were bending up the fascia. One of the guys on the crew said something about me enough of a bitch that I was going to blame them for the dents and loose fascia. He. Called. Me. A. Bitch---with me just inside the window listening to every word. Hey, I wasn't even rude or ugly when I complained about coming a day late.

Well, sir, I opened the window and stuck my head out and yelled that I could hear every damn word they were saying. The crew fell silent before the supervisor apologized, and from then on it was 'Yes, ma'am' and 'No ma'am' They ended up fixing the tiny dents in the fascia and securing it down before putting the new gutters up.

What is up with all this blatant disrespect of women I've been experiencing since starting the remodel?

The new gutters went up in a hurry and are a vast improvement on the ones that were original with the house. The only problem I have now is that the roof and gutters are sparkly new and the soffits and siding looks old next to it.

Today I've done nothing after running out to pick up a laminate countertop for the laundry room. Someone on one of the local online yard sale site had a big sheet of dark brown laminate they wanted to sell for twenty bucks. I met the lady and took it home. It's the exact right size to sit on top of the washer and dryer as a folding table top.

The only problem with running out is that the pollen level are brutal right now and by the time I got home I was wheezing like a fool. It's been all laying down, chugging drugs and liquids all day. I didn't get a damn thing done. My oxygen level was at 91 a few minutes ago when I checked. When it gets in the low 91s it affects what I am capable of, messes with my mind and ability to talk and think. If it gets to 90 I will need to take a trip to the ER to get a little oxygen. I hope it goes up. The last thing I need is a hospitalization in the middle of moving.

Jim is still sparring with his brother over the mess of the Maw in Laws. He wrote a pretty nasty email to Robby Boy this morning in which he said he was sorry I ever apologized to the SiL last year for my list of supposed crimes. I'm trying to stay out of it totally.

One nice thing about Jim being gone is that I'm mostly removed from that drama and I'll be able to play hooky from church. In the last few years I've seen that the United Methodist Church we landed at ten years ago post-fundytown has start to turn mean, hateful to homosexuals and immigrants. It's changing for the worse. Our church has lost a ton of members and last weekend I heard what the re organizational team from the state level is proposing and some of the recent ugliness being thrown at our worship leader, a sweet girl the same age as my youngest. I know this young woman well. Her mother was one of my best friends at the old church and she was my daughter's best friend for years. The church needs to stop with the toxic things happening there lately. I'm done with them on so many levels. American Christianity seems to have universally changed into one of the most unsafe spaces without anything in common with the words of Jesus.

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