Monday, April 03, 2017

Just Who is the Customer Here?

So here we are, three short weeks before Jim flies to Costa Rica, and he decides he needs to get TWO more estimates for painters when I thought we'd finally settled on the painter and almost settled on the carpeting guys and the kitchen countertop. Roofing, wallpaper removal, gutters, landscaping and just general repairs dealt with now.

It does not go well. The guy drives up in a fanciful painted Smartcar with his business logo on it, steps out, shakes my hand and knocks me over with his cologne. I immediately react with asthma to his cologne and it all just goes downhill from there.

I'm calling this guy Mr. Boston because he's got that whole extreme Boston accent of 'bah-cah-mah' going on even if he's lived in the deepest recesses of the Blue Ridge for forty years now. That's not a problem, I enjoy listening to people with differing accents than mine. The problem was all the sheerly awful ideas and disrespect spilling from his lips.

He stated right up front that he didn't want to do brushes and rollers and would only do the interior paint job by paint sprayer. Then Mr. Boston informed me that he would only paint the inside of the house 'Almond', painting the ceiling and the walls this off off white while keeping the trim all sparkling white. Didn't want to hear my request for a light blue gray with white trim and ceilings.

I have to say I'm taken aback whenever I run into one of the contractors that has such strong ideas about what needs to be done that he's willing to run rough shod over my requests. This idea of mixing a buff-bisque toned off white with white trim just horrifies the fine arts major inside of me that would never sign off on that mismatched color scheme. A darker white on the ceiling of our small cottage style home sounds like a horrible idea to me, but Mr. Boston said to my remarks on that 'Hey, the ceiling is always gonna look like a different colah than the walls anyhows..'


Bad vibes. Disrespect and a guy that has long since forgotten who pays his bills.

In my years growing up with my dad I've personally observed a few times that spray painting the interior of a house is rarely a good idea. Yeah, it's something contractors might do when building a new house or townhome or apartment complex, but just not done in repaints. It puts down a thinner coat of paint, meaning the contractor is using less paint than you are quoted and paying for. He pockets the money. It goes on not entirely easily, is prone to uneven paint application and problem spots on the wall. Roller and brush with a high quality paint will get you a better looking application every time.

I had to have the same conversation with Jim about how this is just a time/cost of materials savings that the contractor wants. He does not give a rat's ass what we want, he made that abundantly clear to us. I'm more concerned with having it done right the first time, done in a color I can live with if we come back and created a beautiful rental cottage that whoever ends up here with appreciate (and take care of,) Getting maximum rent from the right tenant, making the place appealing is the name of the game. Not some cologne-stinking contractor's attempts to squeeze a little extra money out of the bid.

We're sticking with the first guys. They made be mostly toothless locals who like their beer, but I have a feeling they'll do an excellent job. At least they'll let me pick the color.

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